Tips and Trick to Take Care of Trek Checkpoint SL7 2022

Tips and Trick to Take Care of Trek Checkpoint SL7 2022

So, you just got your Trek Checkpoint SL7 2022 as your first carbon bike. Having only ridden alloy bikes in your life, you may wonder, how can I take care of my carbon bike. In this article, we have covered several tips and tricks that you can adopt to take care of your new carbon gravel bike.

Hanging your bike

Is it OK to hang a carbon bike? The answer to the question is yes. However, you have to be careful on what bike hanger you use on your carbon gravel bike. For a carbon frame, avoid clamping your bike frame on a clamp hanger or bike stand. This is because clamps can crush your carbon frame if they’re too tight. Instead of clamps, you can use a work stand or carrier with a hook mechanism.

Tightening the bolts

Like clamping your carbon bike, overtightening bike parts into the bike frame should also be avoided. To overcome this problem, you can use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts according to the manufacturer’s guide. Torque wrench allows you to measure how much pressure you apply on a bolt. This is usually measured in Newton Meter (Nm). So, make sure to not over tighten the bolts on your Trek Checkpoint SL7 2022.

Greasing the parts

If you have a Trek E Gravel Bike, grease should be applied to the bike parts that always come in contact, such as seat tube, head tube, and bearing. There are different types of grease for different bike materials, including carbon fiber. Carbon fiber grease is typically used to minimize the risk of overtightening and reducing friction of carbon to metal parts.

Protecting the frame

Carbon bike parts that are prone to contact with hard material should be protected using frame protectors. In carbon fiber bikes, these frame protectors are usually made out of TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane) and marketed in a form of stickers. You can install these stickers to certain bike frame parts of your gravel bike, such as chain stay, down tube, and fork.

Minimizing impact

Carbon fiber bike frame is durable and stiff. However, a strong impact with a hard object can compromise its structural integrity. So, make sure to check for signs of wear and tear on your Trek Checkpoint SL7 2022. If you find a crack on the frame, avoid using your bike until you can find a way to fix it or replace the entire frame. This information also concludes the tips and tricks to take care of your carbon fiber gravel bike.

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