The New Trek Checkpoint 2022 Features That Are Worth the Hype

The New Trek Checkpoint 2022 Features That Are Worth the Hype

In 2022, the giant US bike company Trek released the new Checkpoint gravel bike line as a successor to their original 2018 Checkpoint bikes. As predicted, each bike is equipped with new and improved features to enhance rider’s experience when riding on the gravel track. So, what are those new Trek Checkpoint 2022 features? Are those features worth the hype?

New Trek Checkpoint 2022 Progressive geometry

Trek boasted the new and improved geometry on their new trek e Gravel bike line. Compared to the original line, the new Checkpoint gravel bikes feature a longer chainstay length, higher trail value, and longer wheelbase. These geometry improvements promise a better handling at high speed climbs while also providing stability in fast and rough descents.

SRAM Rival eTap AXS drivetrain

Trek equipped some of the high-end bikes on their new bike line with the wireless SRAM Rival eTap AXS drivetrain. Its 2×12 setup (SLR 7, SL7 eTap, SL6 eTap) is more than enough to get you through a wide variety of climbs and terrains. On top of that, you can say goodbye to the cluttered external cable routing with SRAM’s new wireless technology.

Despite being wireless, this new Trek Checkpoint 2022 drivetrain is proven to be quite responsive for rapid and quick gear changes.

IsoSpeed decoupler

One of the challenges of riding any diamond-shaped bike frame is to bear with the bumpiness of the road. However, you can now say goodbye to the misery with the improved IsoSpeed decoupler. This feature compromises a pivoting axle system that encourages better bump absorption over rough and rugged terrain. However, the IsoSpeed decoupler can only be found on carbon Checkpoint gravel bikes only.

Hidden storage

Another clever feature on the new Trek Checkpoint 2022 releases is the down tube-integrated storage compartment. The hidden compartment is securely locked with a lever. The cleverly-integrated storage is enough to store your protein bars, CO2 cartridge tire inflator, tire lever, and other handy tools.

Integrated mounts

If you like camping or adventuring with your gravel bike, the new Trek Checkpoint got all of that covered with the cleverly-integrated mounts. For water bottles, three separate racks can be found on the inner triangle of the frame. In addition to that, you can attach bags on the seat tube, head tube, top tube, and the handlebar.

So, those are some of the most exciting features that you can find on the new Trek Checkpoint 2022 gravel bike line. With all those features, Trek has successfully created a versatile gravel bike for any activity and terrains. So, get your new Checkpoint now.

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