WTB Exposure Road TCS tire Review

WTB Exposure Road TCS tire Review



WTB Exposure Road TCS is a high-volume tubeless tire designed to tackle crumbling tarmacand rough roads!

The Exposure is one of relatively few tyres with a 30mm option, meaning it’ll fit many road frames, even those with rim brakes, while offering more comfort and durability than a pure road tyre.

It’s not a good option for proper loose gravel or mud, but for dry-packed dirt and potholed back roads, it’s an excellent choice.1

Checkpoint SL 6 TREK Gravel Bike

High-end road that isn’t fazed by rough surfaces and lengthy detours. The slick centerline and hatched intermediate tread of the Expanse transitions into minimalistic outer knobs that instill confidence regardless of road conditions. Featuring a dependable tubeless casing, Expanse delivers a smooth riding experience while remaining resilient on unpredictable terrain. Intended for riders who leave home without a set destination and are simply along for the ride…albeit at an expeditious pace.

The Expanse 32 is an identical replacement to the previously named Exposure 32 tire. We renamed the tire to creating a uniform naming structure where all tires are named according to tread pattern.


The smooth centerline of the Exposure optimizes efficiency while hatched outer edges provide cornering confidence on rough, unpredictable surfaces. Exposure is a high-volume tubeless tire designed to tackle crumbling tarmac while still delivering the fast-rolling benefits of a semi-slick road tire. Mount up a set and hit the open, yet sometimes rough, road.


  • Supple tubeless casing allows for lower pressure and improved traction.
  • High volume road casing enables comfortable ride.
  • Dual Compound Rubber means a fast rolling tire with great corning traction.
  • Smooth tread for the ultimate on-road performance.

TCS - Tubeless Compatible System

WTB’s standardized tubeless rim/tire system designed to meet international ETRTO standards and ensure ultimate reliability. Pairing WTB’s legendary casings and tread compounds with a tubeless aramid bead provides increased traction and reliability of a tubeless tire, at a lower weight than any tubed alternative. Our TCS system includes tires, rims, tape, and valves to provide a comprehensive package of unrivaled tubeless performance and WTB reliability.

Road TCS Casing

The road-going sibling of our TCS Light casing. Tubeless simplicity paired with unbelievable suppleness in all the sizes you want for surfaces ranging from smooth tarmac to hardpack dirt or gravel.

Distance + Rubber Compound

Found in WTB’s pavement tires, this compound is specifically formulated to maximize the lifespan of tires. Sick of wearing out tires yet don’t care to ride on a pair of Crayons? Try our Distance Compound for a harmonious pairing of longevity and traction.

TPI - Threads Per Inch

TPI (threads per inch) refers to the thread count in a tire’s casing. A lower TPI indicates that thicker threads are woven into the casing, therefore making it more durable; a higher TPI indicates that thinner threads are used, therefore making the casing lighter and more pliable. WTB’s 60 TPI, TCS tires offer a supple casing with shock absorption qualities while remaining resistant to cuts and tears.2


700c x 30mm Black

Road TCS Tubeless (Weight) 564g (Min-Max Pressure) 25-45 psi (Part Number) W010-0639

700c x 30mm Tanwall

Road TCS Tubeless (Weight) 564g (Min-Max Pressure) 25-45 psi (Part Number) W010-0693

700c x 36mm Black

Road TCS Tubeless (Weight) 564g (Min-Max Pressure) 25-45 psi (Part Number) W010-0813

700c x 36mm Tanwall

Road TCS Tubeless (Weight) 564g (Min-Max Pressure) 25-45 psi (Part Number) W010-0814



Wtb Exposure Tyre Review

If you’ve been cycling for miles on asphalt roads before deciding to enter a sparse gravel or gravel lane, take a look at the Exposure WTB tire lineup.

Using the time-proven technology on its off-road tires, you can enjoy the WTB’s renowned durability knowing it will roll as fast as a premium road tire while holding back while cruising on uneven roads with its wider profile, enabling You can run lower tire pressures for a more comfortable ride.

Available in a variety of sizes, the center has a smooth tread and as the tires get wider the side knobs get thicker for better cornering in loose conditions.

WTB Exposure 30 Review

Nice hybrid road tire

I got this tire on a Cannondale Synapse and loved it. Mostly roads, very few rides on gravel but an occasional trip onto the shoulder. Very smooth tire and the rear lasted over 2600 miles on the roads I ride on. Got it down to the threads with zero problems. Front is still going strong. Put on a Conti Gatorskin and it just doesn’t feel as smooth. Yes I am buying another. Phil K 3

The Exposure 30 strikes a difficult balance few other tyres manage to achieve. They seat easily, they ride exceptionally well on the road, they’re hardy enough to handle cheeky off-road excursions and they wear very well. 

That they come in a tan wall finish and fill a niche that few others have is the icing on the cake.4

WTB Exposure 32 Review

Mixed bag – love the ride of the tires, but issues getting them to bead/stay inflated.

I’ve been having loads of trouble with these tires. Could be the rims though…. here’s my story:

Bought a brand new Jamis Renegade with WTB tubless ready wheels. Bought these tires and installed them. Tires took forever to bead, once beaded, no matter what I did, air kept escaping from the valve stem. I took the bike to a shop – they tried 3 times to get the tires to hold their air (including re-taping the rim, different valves, different sealant), but each time, there was still a slow leak, and tired would deflate completely after 18 hours.

Bike shop contacted WTB about the issue. WTB sent the bike shop new tape, valves, and a new set of these tires (assuming the tires were the issue). In the week it took to receive these items, the shop installed tubes, so I got to ride on the tires (tubed) for a few days (but saw that whatever sealant in the tires that remained kept leaking out from around the rim and the valve stem). The bike shop is working on the wheels now. We shall see if WTB’s proposed solution addresses the issue. If not, it would seem that there’s no issue with the tires themselves, but with the rim, instead, and some additional solution may need to be proposed by WTB (under warranty, like new rims or something).

As far as the ride, I really like how they perform. I ride on city streets, so really appreciate the smooth surface for cruising and rugged shoulder of the tire for rough streets, cornering on street gravel, and other odd city crap. Raphael 5

The Exposure 32 also isn’t at its best when its wet. The so-called Distance+ tread compound certainly helps with the low rolling resistance — not to mention long-term wear — but it’s a bit too hard to work well when the asphalt is covered in water. Likewise, the micro-knob tread not only doesn’t lend any additional grip on wet dirt roads, but also tends to collect mud instead of sloughing it off — something to be mindful of if you plan to mount these on a bike with marginal clearances.

WTB Exposure 34 Review

Great tire for the road and gravel

Great tire for the road and gravel. It gives me more grip in light sand than the randoneers I was running before. I’m ordering a new one for the rear now. The front tire still looks good after about 1500 miles but the rear is a bit torn up from some sharp rocks. This is an awesome tire for light touring and exploring but if you are going cross country this is probably not the best choice. Super smooth on the road and feels cool on the dirt too. Randbiker6

WTB Exposure 36 Review

Fast tire with plenty of grip on the road

These tires are fast on the road and and grip well in the turns. The small amount of tread on the sides don’t do much once you hit a little bit of dirt, things get loose pretty fast. These are not very puncture resistant either, I get a puncture almost every time I ride,. I haven’t flatted out as I have these set up tubeless but I’m getting tired of having sealant sprayed all over the back of my seat tube and legs after every ride. I really do like these tires and will wear them out before buying new tires, but I may try something else next go. I came off of conti gator skins and the gator skins are much more resistant to punctures. I was hoping for a little more traction as these are on a gravel bike as well as puncture resistant. Overall a good tire but maybe more suited for strictly road riding where less goat heads/thorns are present. Oh and the ride quality is nice, very supple. Alan Trostle 7

WTB Exposure Road TCS Tire Review

WTB Exposure 650b

The WTB Horizon 650b tyre is a great performer on pavement and gravel, and the smaller wheel / tyre size provides an option for those who own frames with limited tyre clearance to possibly experience wider tyres on gravel – don’t forget to consult WTB’s frame compatibility list before buying. The Horizon is a great choice for a rider who commutes a few miles / kilometres in order to reach their local gravel road(s). Not exactly designed for high-speed cornering with its lack of tread blocks on the sides, the Horizon still does well enough on just about every dirt and gravel road surface imaginable. However, as stated earlier, it isn’t a tyre I’d consider for the flinty rigours of an event like Dirty Kanza.8


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