Trek Gravel Bike

Trek Gravel Bike may take a while to join the gravel bike market, but Checkpoint proves their time is well spent. This is a bike that aims to be a true all-purpose rig with as much emphasis on being a capable road/touring bike as a gravel bike. The latest update features 45mm tires in a lineup of 10 models for 2022.

is it just a checkpoint for gravel bike from trek?

Trek introduces the new Checkpoint lineup, ensuring there’s an amazing adventure gravel bike for everyone from racers to weekend cyclists. Carefully built for better off-road travel, the new Checkpoint is now available in three model levels: SLR, SL and ALR.

While the features of each model level are adapted to different types of riders, each Checkpoint is built with room for 45c tires and progressive geometry that is fast and agile but keeps the rider steady and in control on fast and choppy descents.

Checkpoints are made for adventure, no matter if you’re racing the Unbound Gravel, long-distance biking, or down a bike path. It’s fast, comfortable and smooth, and its versatile design ensures you’ll get to all the places you dream of exploring on these two wheels.

The large 45c tire clearance means you can use bigger tires for extra traction and stability in all conditions. The Carbon SL and SLR models have a slim, internal storage compartment for storing tools and supplies. The muffled and controlled rebound of the IsoSpeed decoupler absorbs vibrations without bouncing around. Each Checkpoint has a progressive geometry that’s fast and agile but keeps you steady and in control on fast descents and rough roads.

Is the Trek Domane a gravel bike?

Domane SL 5 Gravel is built to handle truly rugged terrain. It’s a lightweight carbon gravel bike with an advanced OCLV Carbon frame, Front and Rear IsoSpeed to tame even the burliest gravel roads, hydraulic disc brakes, fender mounts, and gravel-specific Schwalbe G-One Allround tires.

Stay stronger longer. Domane’s all new frame design is faster and more aerodynamic than ever, while stable endurance geometry and road-smoothing IsoSpeed technology stay comfortable on all-day epic rides.

The all-new Domane is born of historic roads and built to respectfully challenge them with three groundbreaking technologies that will irrevocably alter the time- honored battleground of the cobbled Classics: Front IsoSpeed, Adjustable Rear IsoSpeed, and IsoCore handlebar.

Is Trek Emonda a gravel bike?

Trek Émonda, launched in 2014. Designed to be a climbing bike, newer adaptations are capable of negotiating mixed terrains – with disc brakes available and tyre clearance to 28mm.

The all-new Émonda has aerodynamic tube shaping that helps riders go faster than ever on flats and climbs alike. And because we refused to sacrifice weight for speed, Émonda still has the incredible lightweight ride quality and balanced handling that made it a racing legend in the first place.

Trek launches its newest series, the 2021 Emonda SLR. This third generation Emonda continues the mission of its predecessor: Become a super light weapon to conquer the hills. And this time, with a touch of aerodynamics, this bike is ready to be a light and fast choice for any terrain!

At first glance, the 2021 Emonda SLR does have a silhouette similar to its predecessor. The DNA is the same. Trek wants to maintain the characteristics of the super Emonda which is agile and responsive on incline. But when observed in more detail, touches of aerodynamics are visible.

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