Trek Checkpoint Gravel Bikes Launched 3 Brand-New

Trek Checkpoint Gravel Bikes Launched 3 Brand-New

Trek, the largest bike manufacturer in the United States, is getting more aggressive in the gravel arena. With no half heart, they launched 3 new types of Checkpoint Trek Checkpoint gravel bikes last year. And each is different from another. One is for high-end and gravel racing, one is more versatile with a lightweight carbon frame, and another one is suitable for commuting with its aluminium frame. The first model is the Trek Checkpoint SLR, which is the most expensive model.

The Trek Checkpoint SLR features a lightweight carbon from Trek’s 700 series. It is built for high performance. This means that they are designed for handling a variety of gravel racing terrains, which are now becoming a hype in the United States. The geometry is more aggressive and more elongated, with a frame that adopts the aero profiles of the Emonda SLR. Moreover, the headtube is equipped with an IsoSpeed suspension system, just like Madone SLR and Domane SLR.

Therefore, there is a shock dampening system around the seat post as well as around the stem. The second model is the Trek Checkpoint SL. This Trek Checkpoint gravel bike still uses a carbon material, but the one from the Trek’s 500 series. Geometrically, the Trek Checkpoint SL is more comfortable and more upright. So, if you do not use it for gravel racing, you can still use it for long-distance riding on various surfaces. It is equipped with IsoSpeed only around the seat post.

This trek e gravel bike model uses a standard round seat post. Though it is not a seatmast like featured in the SLR model, you can replace this standard seat post with a dropper seat post, if you want to. It will be more flexible, depending on preferences. And the last model is the Trek Checkpoint ALR. This model is made of an aluminium material. It is affordable, simple, functional, without so many large features. Trek mentioned the Checkpoint ALR can be used for daily rides.

This means that you can use the bike for commuting, for example. All the Checkpoint models use the T47 type of BB. And they can support up to 45mm tires. With these Checkpoint lines, Trek really meets all the possibilities in the gravel bike industry. Either for daily commuting or crazy gravel racing, Trek provides the right bike for you. So, which Trek Checkpoint gravel bikes attracts your attention? You can buy it online on online retailers like amazon.

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