Three Reasons to Choose Canyon Grizl CF SL 8 for Your Adventure

Three Reasons to Choose Canyon Grizl CF SL 8 for Your Adventure

Grizl CF SL 8 is Canyon’s latest gravel bike that will join Canyon’s all rounder family this May. Cycling enthusiasts have been waiting for the day the company will finally drop this Canyon e gravel bike because it comes with all the greatest features for off-tarmac adventure—from Shimano top tier drivetrain, DT Swiss’ best wheel, to an ergonomic carbon seatpost.


Grizl CF SL 8 adopts a modern concept, which can we see clearly from the cockpit. The cockpit showcases simple and functional design language. Visually, it doesn’t come with anything that looks bold and daring since it is designed with function and simplicity in mind. But the ergonomic handlebar is a sign that Canyon pays attention to the cyclists’ needs.

This gravel bike will be perfect for long rides and adventures. You can fit a top tube box designed specifically for this model for extra storage.

High Quality Components

This Grizl bike comes with Shimano GRX RX810, an 11-speed shift that allows riders to take full control of the bike speed. This Shimano shift/brake lever is specially designed for off-road riding and rough terrain adventure. But thanks to the 11-speed configuration, it is also suitable for asphalt riding.

This bike is equipped with DT Swiss G1800 Spline db. Even though it has lightweight construction, its sturdy material promises stability. With 24 mm inner rim width, this wheel looks fierce and perfect for off-tarmac situations. Make sure to combine it with gravel tyres for the best performance.

Comfortable Ride

This bike is designed to beat demanding terrain. With a comfortable seat post, your sit bones will be protected. The ergonomic handlebar and dropper post will assist you when you are trailing up and down the road. Those features ensure a comfortable riding position, but still leave room for a lot of body control. Riding CF SL 8 will present an exciting challenge, so it is perfect for experienced cyclists.

Whether you are cycling on asphalt or gravel, this powerful bike can be a great company. With such amazing features and components, it certainly offers a great value for your money. The versatility of CF SL 8 is the main point of this bike. CF SL 8 has less range of movement when compared to similar gravel bikes in its class. But that is the charm of this model! Grizl CF SL 8  allows you to level up your cycling skill and train all the muscles in your body.

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