The Right Outfit To Start Cycling On A Routine

The Right Outfit To Start Cycling On A Routine

Cycling is a highly recommended sport. To do the sport to be safer and more comfortable. Riders must wear complete equipment and the right outfit to start cycling regularly until other cycling equipment must be worn.
Here we have prepared a complete review of cycling outfits that Rider can use as a reference.

This is the Right Cycling Outfit and Accessories!

Several preparations must be made to support safe cyclings, such as warming up, ensuring adequate nutrition and water in the body, and wearing the right clothes and accessories.

Riders can see what’s included in the right outfit to start cycling regularly and the right accessories below!

Cycling Clothing

If Rider is a beginner cyclist, we recommend wearing a unique shirt that can absorb sweat and dry quickly. Like wearing a jersey, for example. That way, riders will be much more comfortable when cycling.

There are several types of jerseys specifically for cyclists with several materials. Among them are jerseys made from synthetic polyester and nylon. All three primarily protect the body from all-weather by helping maintain body temperature and are designed with good sweat absorption.

For the bottom, Riders can wear sports leggings, shorts, or bib shorts made especially for cyclists. If necessary, riders can also wear special underwear for cyclists made of lycra. This material has a soft cushion and feels comfortable when cycling.

To meet the needs of these cycling clothes, Riders can come directly to the nearest Amazon Online Store or shop online through the apparel website, which certainly provides products with the best prices and quality.

Wearing a Helmet

A helmet is one of the mandatory accessories that can support cycling activities. Use a special helmet for cyclists to provide maximum protection during cycling. Riders who ride adventure using MTB and gravel, racing with racing bicycles, or commuting with urban bicycles on urban streets.

All types of helmets for each bike genre have the same primary function. In addition to protecting against collisions and injuries, a good cycling helmet should also have good air circulation to stay comfortable while driving.

Giro Aether Spherical Adult Road Cycling Helmet

The best gravel bike helmet for speed-focussed riders


Colours: 14
Rotational Impact System: Yes
Weight: 280g (size Medium CPSC)- 260g (size Medium CE)
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large


+ Eyewear dock ports help keep glasses secure on bumpy roads
+ MIPS rotational impact technology without the need for a MIPS liner
+ Highly ventilated


Road style might not fit in a gravel environment

Use Arm and Leg Protectors

Cycling puts Rider under the direct heat of the sun. Riders can use accessories like arm and leg warmers/coolers to protect the body from the sun, especially on the hands and feet.

One of the recommendations, Rider can use Polygon Arm Cooler Felic if you like a plain design. This arm cooler is a neutral black color for men and women. It is made from stretch lycra material, a stretchy and cool spandex fabric that is comfortable and suitable for cycling in the tropics.

As for the leg warmer, Rider can choose the Shimano Leg Warmer Sun Block equipped with UPF 50+ sun protection technology. This leg warmer is made of polyamide and elastane, which have high elasticity for clothing. The use of both is recommended for cycling activities carried out outdoors. Riders can buy it directly at the bicycle apparel storefront.

Wear Eyewear

For cycling glasses, riders can use Polygon Age Bike Glasses. These glasses provide perfect eye protection while cycling. It has even been equipped with 100% UV protection and a smoke lens red Revo. It helps regulate light properly and keep eyes from getting tired easily when cycling outdoors.

In addition, these glasses are equipped with an adjustable nose pad and are coated with soft rubber, making them comfortable to wear and keeping the nose from getting hurt. Or you can also use other types of glasses suitable for cycling here. Riders can find a wide selection of cycling glasses and choose based on their needs and tastes.

Wearing Shoes

Shoes are an essential accessory that should not be neglected when cycling. Cycling outfits will be more complete when Rider wears comfortable clothes for cyclists. Riders can also choose several other accessories that support cycling safety.

Using shoes, riders can protect their feet from being safe in the event of a collision or injury while cycling. The following are shoe recommendations for Riders who start cycling regularly.

Shimano Road Performance Bike Shoes RP2

This shoe is recommended for Riders who use racing bicycles. The soles on these racing bicycle shoes are lightweight glass fiber material that makes your pedaling even tighter. The ergonomic shape makes the shoe follow the curve of the foot to provide comfort for the wearer.

When starting to practice routinely, Rider can use cleats so that he steps on the bicycle pedal tightly without fear of slipping. Get the best offer for the following cleat products only at Amazon.


  • Artic: waterproof, breathable and insulated winter shoe
  • Rip stop fabric: woven fabric resistant to tearing and ripping
  • X2 outsole: vibrant grip for traction, on and off the bike
  • Boa L6 dial & zippered ankle cuff
  • event waterproof/breathable membrane

Shimano AM501 Gravity Bike Shoes

If the Rider starts to be active in MTB to a pretty challenging destination, the Shimano AM501 Gravity can be the right choice to complete your cycling performance. This MTB shoe is equipped with a closure system using a single trap that makes it easier for the Rider to adjust the tightness and density of the shoe and keep the shoelace from slipping off quickly when exploring rocky and muddy trails. Activities will be much more fun with a high intensity of movement.

Wear a backpack or gloves if necessary

If you want to be more complete, Rider can wear gloves and a backpack. For accessories, this one is not mandatory; Rider can consider whether or not to wear gloves and a bag when cycling.

Wearing gloves is necessary to protect their hands from friction with the handlebar, especially for routine cyclists. Meanwhile, the backpack function can help Riders carry their luggage, especially for Riders who cycle to the office or bike to work; backpacks can help Riders move things anywhere more practically.

She is exercising using a bicycle even though it looks simple. However, Rider needs to wear the right outfit to start cycling regularly. To be safer and stay comfortable.

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