Specialized Gravel E Bike — Everything You Need to Know

Specialized gravel e bike is definitely not a stranger for off-tarmac enthusiast. The art of cycling keeps evolving and now we can witness the combination of two best things in the world of cycling—gravel bike and electric bike.

Riding a gravel bike is an art of its own. When the best gravel bike meets challenging off-road terrains and an experienced biker, you will have the most exciting time of your life. On the other hand, electric bike offers comfort and speed that makes cycling more convenient and enjoyable. Now, imagine those two excellent features in one bike. It is definitely a dream come true. If you are considering to buy a new bike, here are some reasons why electric gravel bike can be your new best buddy.

Why Gravel E Bike is the Best Option for You

People who look for Specialized bike for gravel road usually purchase something that looks strong and sturdy like Specialized Diverge Elite E5. Some people still look down on electric bike because they think when the motor takes over, the ride becomes less challenging. But there are so many good reasons why you should give this bike a try.

  • It Still Feels Like a Bike

Riding an electric bike will not change anything. Skill is still important; you are still in control. The bike just goes faster. So, going electric will not change your experience or make the ride less challenging. The motor is there to help when you need an extra boost, but the ride itself is still under your control.

  • Versatility Times Two

One of the main reasons why you should use electric gravel bike is because it is very versatile. You can go faster and as a result explore more places. It is also suitable for any terrains. Even though it is a gravel bike, you can also use it on the tarmac. You also can change into meatier tire if you want to ride on a rougher terrain.

  • Double Your Enjoyment

Riding a bike is not always about improving physical fitness. Sometimes we simply want to enjoy the cool breeze and the beautiful view from our bike. If you cycle for this purpose, then gravel e-bike is a great choice. You will not get tired easily because the motor will take care of everything. You can bike further and enjoy more beautiful view. Moreover, since this is a gravel bike, if one day you decide to challenge a rougher terrain, this bike has all the right features to accompany you.

The Best Features of Specialized Electric Gravel Bike

Specialized has so many excellent turbo E-Bikes. This part will specifically discuss Specialized Turbo Creo SL gravel, one of the brand’s most popular electric bike. Even though it is classified as a road e-bike, but Creo SL is powerful enough for off-road terrain.

  • Electric but Lightweight

The most prominent aspect of this Specialized gravel e bike is it is lighter compared to similar bikes. It is not a secret that electric bike tends to be heavier. But at 27.89 lbs, Creo SL is considered lightweight for an electric bike.

  • Superior Performance and Stable at High Speed

Safety is always a priority. With reliable suspension, high-volume tires, and sturdy frames, cycling will be safer than ever. With a speed limit of 28 mph, you can go fast without neglecting your safety. You can take advantage of the Mission Control App to adjust the riding style.

Electric Gravel Bike—A Buying Guide

There are some things you need to consider when shopping for an gravel e-bike. This is not a one size fits all kind of bike, so it is important to choose according to your needs, not just because of the brand or the price. Here are some specific things you need to know when you want to buy an electric gravel bike.

  • Motor and Torque

The math is easy. The more powerful the motor is, the heavier the bike will be. So, this is something you need to consider when purchasing a gravel e-bike. If you prefer a lightweight bike that you can easily move around, you might want to choose an electric bike with smaller motor. But the catch is, it will be less powerful.

If you rarely wander the mountains or other rough terrain and need something light that you can easily lift, small motor is the right choice. But if you need more power to help you climb and conquer difficult terrain types, it is best to invest in a more powerful motor.

  • Battery Capacity

There is no right or wrong when it comes to battery capacity. Big or small, it’s all up to you. But you need to consider your own biking needs and how often you use the electric bike. If you use it frequently, you need to invest in a bigger battery. It is also best to consider to find a model that comes with removable battery so you can prepare a spare battery. It is important if you often cycle to places that don’t have any recharging station. Don’t forget to check whether the battery is fast charging or not. You certainly don’t want to wait for hours for the battery to be fully charged.

  • Safety Features

Safety is essential when you are traversing rough off-road terrains. Make sure to only purchase bikes with high-quality brakes. When riding an electric bike, some people tend to go faster, even when they are on a rough terrain. Speed and gravel road are not a great combination for inexperienced cyclist. Make sure the bike is sturdy and comes with all the important safety features.

Final Thoughts

Gravel e-bike is not a perfect bike. Gravel route enthusiast might prefer a “real” gravel bike like specialized diverge e5 gravel bike instead of electric bike. But E-gravel bike definitely has its perks and it will make your journey more fun. If you are looking for a reliable, sturdy, and high-quality electric bike to go on different types of routes, Specialized gravel e bike can be an excellent option.

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