Specialized Diverge Base E5 Review

Specialized Diverge Base E5 Review

Are you looking for a bike that can be your best companion to ride on paved main roads and go off-road? The specialized diverge base e5 can be the right choice, especially since it is updated to offer more comfort for long distances.


You might want to know several aspects of the bike from the specialized diverge base e5 review. Frame must be an important consideration before purchasing the entry-level model of the Diverge E5. Since it is the cheapest model, it comes with an aluminum frame. This kind of frame is similar to other mid-range models by Specialized.

This bike model also comes with a Shimano Claris derailleur with eight speeds. This type of derailleur is considered one of the cheapest options available, though. Nevertheless, among other Specialized models, the specialized diverge base e5 is one of them with mechanical brakes.

Compared to other similar bikes from other brands, this model is a little high. That is why people who love to bike for speed will find this bike model suitable. Compared to other models, this bike comes with the longest top tube length effectiveness. It makes this bike has a balance between lightness and maneuverability. The chainstay length is also in the middle of its class. But it is suitable for the all-purpose bike appeal owned by this bike. Once again, this bike becomes a representation of balanced power transfer, greater traction, and comfort.

Pros And Cons

People have a high expectation from the specialized gravel e bike including the Diverge Base E5 model. Of course, it comes with several good things that can be good reasons to get this bike.

First things first, it comes with a high stack and shorter reach. It means that you can have an aggressive riding position combined with respectable handling. It can support performance and safety at the same time.

You can find several bikes in this class, including this bike model. When trying to make a comparison among them, you will find that Diverge Base E5 has a wheelbase length with a good balance.

Last but not least, the bottom bracket drop of this bike is slightly higher. That is why you can enjoy a little bit of versatility when riding your bike off-road.

Of course, this bike model is not free from some drawbacks. It might be pretty challenging to use the shifters and dropper post. You might also find it difficult to adjust mid-ride with this bike. If you are looking for a wide range of frame sizes, specialized diverge base e5 offers you limited options.

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