SHIMANO GRX Groupset : With an Expensive Price, Is It Worth It for Gravel Bike?

SHIMANO GRX Groupset : With an Expensive Price, Is It Worth It for Gravel Bike?

Gravel bike is the hottest category in the world. Therefore, Shimano, the world’s largest component manufacturer, has released a special group of sets for these all-terrain bicycles. Its name is Shimano GRX Groupset, it is available for various combinations of applications.

There are so many combinations to choose from from the GRX. From mechanical and electronic (Di2), 2x or 1x (one or two chainrings), also 11 or 10-speed.

Shimano Gravel Groupset Series Line-up

The Shimano GRX Groupset offers three variants, namely:

  1. GRX Series 10  Speed
  2. GRX Series 11 Speed
  3. GRX Series Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence)

If you want to upgrade to GRX, you don’t need to replace the entire groupset. The reason is, the GRX is still compatible with other Shimano groupsets, such as the Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105, and even Tiagra.

Shimano GRX Groupset components are designed specifically for the needs of cycling on gravel, adventurous, and on-road as well as off-road riding, with gearing and features that differ from the brand’s road range.

With a choice of options to suit the bike owner’s budget, the GRX mechanic offers reliable and useful performance with a Shimano road drivetrain.

The Shimano GRX is not just a single groupset, it is a component that sits alongside the Shimano road groupset. There is no GRX equivalent for every road component at every level, so a GRX equipped bike will often mix different component levels.

The available types of Shimano GRX Groupset are as follows:

  • RX400 Series: 10-speed Tiagra equivalent
  • RX600 Series: 11-speed 105-equivalent, with an additional 10-speed crank option to match the RX400
  • RX800 Series: 11-speed Ultegra equivalent with mechanical and Di2 . variants

Shimano Lags Behind its Competitors.

Yes, when other manufacturers started selling 12-speeds, Shimano still insisted on 11-speeds. Even still continuing the 10-speed development!

Because there are so many combinations of applications, buyers/users must really seriously think about what GRX variation they want.

In class and price, GRX is divided into three levels. From RX800 (Ultegra equivalent), RX600 (105 equivalent), or RX400 (Tiagra equivalent). All components at the level of RX800 and RX600 can be used together, because they are both 11-speed.

While the RX400 is 10-speed, and is only available for the 2x system (two chainrings).

Shimano GRX Component

Every component of the GRX uses Shimano’s best road bike and mountain bike drivetrain technology to deliver the stable and precise shifting that is Shimano’s trademark.

GRX Crankset

The GRX crankset comes with a 2.5mm wider chainline to provide more clearance on the tires and frame. GRX chainring, has Shimano Dynamic Chain Engagement GRX technology which functions to increase chain retention so that the chain does not easily fall apart when going through bumpy or bumpy terrain. For the GRX single chainring 1×11, the crankset options are 40T, 42T (RX810) and 40T (RX600) which can be combined with 40T or even 42T cassette sprockets. Meanwhile, the GRX double chainring comes with a choice of 48-31T (RX810) and 46-30T (RX600) cranksets that can be combined with a maximum 34T cassette sprocket. Especially for the GRX single Chainring 1×10, there is only 1 crankset option, namely 46-30T (RX400) which can be combined with a cassette sprocket up to 36T.

cassettes and chains can use other types of groupsets, not necessarily GRX

There are no dedicated GRX cassettes and chains per se, these are simply borrowed from Shimano’s road and mountain bike ranges.

That means no compatibility pitfalls, as long as you stay within the recommended tooth ranges and match the number of gears.

The larger 11-speed cassettes, such as the 11-34 I have here, will fit on a 10-speed freehub (or an 11 with an extra spacer), a bonus if you’re upgrading an older bike.

GRX Front Derailleurs

GRX Front derailleurs (FD): Complementing the crankset, the Front Derailleur is available in Di2 (FD-RX815) and Mechanical (FD-RX810/RX400) versions where the position shifts out 2.5mm to adapt larger tire sizes (up to 42mm) for through offroad terrain.

GRX Rear Derailleurs

GRX Rear derailleurs (RD): Adapting from the technology introduced in 2018 namely the RX rear derailleur, Rear Derailleur GRX Di2 version (RD-RX815/RX817) or mechanical version (RD-RX810/RX812/RX400) designed to create gear shifting shifts smooth, quiet, and reliable to deal with rough terrain. Equipped with a chain stabilizing system commonly known as the SHADOW RD+ to minimize unnecessary derailleur movement and provide uninterrupted shifting performance.

GRX STI Levers

GRX STI Levers: Shifter GRX is here dedicated specifically to the use of the highly ergonomic Gravel (Di2 version: ST-RX815 or Mechanical versions: ST-RX810/RX600/RX400, ST-RX810-LA) featuring 18mm higher axis point, brake lever that is more curved and has an anti-slip surface coating so that it is able to pass through rough terrain.

GRX Brake System

GRX Braking System: The main requirement of Gravel Riders is optimal brake grip to control speed in all conditions. Therefore, the top variant of the GRX family, namely the RX800 series brake levers (ST-RX815) is equipped with Servo Wave Technology derived from Shimano’s mountain bike (MTB), which provides more optimal braking power with better modulation when cycling with more speed. aggressive. If you choose the non-Servo Wave version of the RX810, or the RX600 series and RX400 levers, of course it will still provide excellent braking power similar to the Ultegra, 105 or Tiagra disc brakes.

The GRX also offers additional braking options, namely an additional brake lever that is placed parallel to the handle bar. This brake lever is connected to the main disc brake both at the front and rear. This brake lever aims to maximize braking when the hand is on the top of the handle bar.

GRX calipers (BR-RX810/400) mengadopsi flatmount road calipers untuk memberikan performa pengereman yang lebih bertenaga dan memiliki fitur seperti one way bleeding dan ICE TECHNOLOGIES yang dapat menyerap panas pada bagian brakepads dan rotor untuk pendinginan yang lebih efisien dan kinerja rem yang tahan lama.

GRX Wheelset

Gravel-specific Wheelset: To complete the experience more for gravel lovers, GRX also launched a wheelset that uses a 12mm E-THRU Axle (WH-RX570-TL-F12/R12). Wheelset sizes 700c or 650b (non boost) feature tubeless ready, and are equipped with inner rims that are 21.6mm wider and the wheel set wall height is 22mm.

SHIMANO GRX, Dedicated To Gravel Lovers in the World


The GRX, is Shimano’s answer to the gravel-bike which is currently very popular in Europe and is starting to expand worldwide. The GRX is a cross-road bike-mountain bike and is a pioneer for Gravel-only components. The GRX provides several 1×11 and 2×11 drivetrain options which are available in mechanical or electronic versions, as well as a 1×10 option which is only available in mechanical versions. In addition, GRX also provides the option of using cassette sprockets with a wider range (max. 42T for 1×11, 34T for 2×12, 36T for 2×10) which will spoil riders who like to eat uphill terrain.

GRX Groupset, with its gravel specific ergonomics, optimized gearing options, rugged reliability, and quiet and stable drivetrain, sets itself apart from the rest of the component world. It isn’t a reworked set of road components. It represents a ground up look at how cyclists want to explore their world.
SHIMANO GRX helps you eliminate excuses, instead urging you to try that rough sidetrack or ride that little bit longer. It offers you the option to Explore Beyond.

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