Rubberforce G the latest technology Gravel Bike Tires from American Classic

Rubberforce G the latest technology Gravel Bike Tires from American Classic

Rubberforce G is tread compound engineered for dependable grip and off-road adventures. The latest technology Gravel Bike Tires from American Classic


Since 1982, American Classic exemplifies the pinnacle of performance bicycle engineering and innovation. Nearly 40 years ago, founder Bill Shook was a talented professional road racer who raced for the US National Team. A drive to create better, lighter products inspired him to start experimenting in his garage, engineering his own aluminum bicycles and components. A global search for the finest production facilities led American Classic to form an early partnership with Taiwanese manufacturers in the mid-’90s and decades of influential product introductions.


Rubber Compound

Rubberforce G is our family of tread compounds designed for American Classic gravel and off-road tires. The high structure and high specific surface area (SSA) of the carbon black provide excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, and good tear and cut resistance for off-road adventures. The final compounds are specific to the intended riding type of the specific tire model.

for gravel tires, with a microfiber composite tread that has full-ply puncture and tear protection.

The new tires comes in other categories:

  • Rubberforce S road tires
  • Rubberforce R tires commuter and e-bike tires

Flat Protection

Stage 5S Armor is American Classic’s gravel specific tire construction combining 120 TPI casing fabrics, Rubberforce G tread compounds, a tubeless ready coating, and a Nylon105 bead-to-bead fabric that provides a tire that is lighter, faster, and more cut, tear, and abrasion resistant than our original Stage 5S Flat Protection.

American Classic also has different levels of flat protection:

  • Stage 3: for road racing use, a minimum weight, high-density puncture strip under the tread
  • Stage 3s: for all-weather tires, protects from bead to bead
  • Stage 7: for commuter tires, with 3mm of elastic ‘undertread’

American Classic also has a ‘Road Hazard Replacement Policy’ for registered tire owners to purchase replacement tires at 50 percent off MSRP should they suffer a puncture or tear while riding.


Rim Fitment

Tubeless Ready tires are similar to modern car and motorcycle tires. They are designed to be run without an inner tube and secure to the rim using specific beads on the tire and rim. Modern Tubeless Ready systems utilize a combination of a tubeless specific rim and rim tape, an air-tight casing and bead on the tire, a tubeless valve stem, and sealant. Our Tubeless Ready tires can be used on traditional clincher rims. However, they must be used along with a properly sized inner tube.

American Classic Tubeless Ready tires follow current global E.T.R.T.O. standards for clincher tires and clincher rims.  For tubeless use, they require a tubeless rim that meets those standards. They can also be used on non-tubeless clincher rims as long as the rim meets the above-mentioned standards, and they are used with a properly sized inner tube.


All type available in 3 Colour Black, Tan and Brown


700x40C (ETRTO 40-622)

Weight: 480-485 g

Max Pressure: 55 PSI


700x50C (ETRTO 50-622)

Weight: 605-610 g

Max Pressure: 50 PSI


650Bx47 (ETRTO 50-584)

Weight: 560-565 g

Max Pressure: 50 PSI


the new American Classic gravel tire collection, which features designs that span from center-slick for hardpacked gravel and mixed terrain to full-on knobby for riding gnarlier tracks and trails.

American Classic has five tires in the gravel range which go progressively from one end of the usage spectrum to the other. They are:

  1. Pavement
  2. Mixed Surface
  3. Hard Packed Dirt
  4. Loose Gravel
  5. Single Track


American Classic relaunches with inexpensive tires. Longtime wheel maker American Classic was shuttered for a short time in 2019, and now, the brand is back with new tires.

Available directly from the American Classic website, and also the American Classic Amazon store, the new rubber promises sure grip at competitive prices — racing tires start at just $38 each.

You can learn more about the new line of American Classic (including the road tires, which we didn’t highlight here) by visiting . And stay tuned for more, as it looks like they’re also planning to relaunch their range of wheels as well.

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