NOT TRUE! Sensah Groupset is a cheap alternative to Shimano and SRAM

NOT TRUE! Sensah Groupset is a cheap alternative to Shimano and SRAM

We often see Sensah bicycle groupsets, even though they are cheap, Sensah groupset have bright prospects to add variety and alternative bicycle components. Not only in China and Asia, Sensah has also penetrated the American and European markets.


When it comes to Sensah groupsets, what we all know is Sensah is a cheap groupset made in China. Not much detailed enough information about their company. If you look at their website, the information is that this company was founded in 2014, located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Sensah Smart Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. Built by people with more than 10 years of experience in the bicycle industry. With the main product Trigger shifters, the patented Front Derailleur and Rear Derailleur.

Adopt Technology from SRAM

So it seems that Sensah was also built by people who used to work at SRAM, the same as the L-TWOO and S-Ride brands. So that we can see and feel the SRAM aura in Sensah products. Sensah is also adopting technology and features from Shimano, perhaps with the aim of creating a product that is different and more complete from an existing groupset or bicycle component.

SENSAH Groupset Price

But what’s most interesting about the Sensah groupset and components is the price, far below the components from the Shimano and SRAM brands. We can get a 2x 11 speed groupset for racing bikes (FD + RD + shifter + rim brake) for $ 136. If we compare the Shimano and SRAM groupsets, the price can be around $ 272- $340.

In terms of quality, the quality of Sensah’s components is indeed still below the quality of other leading groupsets. But at the same price, several components of the Sensah groupset offer technology that can only be found in other, more expensive groupsets.


Meanwhile, Sensah products focus on drivetrain components, ranging from shifters, brifters, RD, FD, chains for mountain bikes, racing bikes, gravel, and folding bikes. In the following, we will look at the general categories and models/types of the Sensah groupset.

Sensah Groupset for Gravel Bikes or MTB

Sensah MX 3×8

The lowest class and cheapest Sensah groupset Sensah, made for triple chainring, Sensah’s 8 speed mini groupset only consists of FD, RD, and trigger shifter. The Sensah MX 3×8 groupset is compatible with Shimano.

Sensah MX9

For the 9 speed class, there is the Sensah MX-9 which can be used for single, double, or triple chainring. Sensah only has one type of rear derailleur, namely the long cage type, which supports up to a max sprocket size of 40 or 42T. The Sensah MX9 is SRAM compatible.

Sensah MX9-2

The MX9-2 groupset and components are a class of 9 speed Sensah groupsets compatible with Shimano.
Sensah RX 10 Speed
In the Sensah 10 speed groupset, Sensah already has a cassette, which is 11-36T in size. The 10 speed RX groupset can be used up to triple chairing, so we can get a 30 speed bike.

Sensah RX11

Furthermore, for the 11 speed class there is the Sensah RX11 which also supports up to 3x chairing. The only thing to note is, when using triple chairing, we cannot use a cassette that is too large, because it will be limited by the capacity of the rear derailleur (45T). So for example, when we want to use a 40-30-22T chainring, the max cassette size is only up to 36T, so that the RD is still able to hold the chain.

Sensah CRX 11 Speed

For 11 speed, there is another Sensah CRX groupse. The difference between the RX and the CRX 11 speed is the material used, the CRX uses more aluminum material, and uses a pulley with bearings. While the RX uses more steel, and bushings / bullets on the pulleys.
Then there is the Sensah CRX PRO 11 Speed ​​or RX Pro, on the Sensah Pro, the Sensah rear derailleur has a kind of clutch (stabilizer) like the Shimano, to adjust the tightness of the RD, so it can be controlled so as not to make chainslap or chain swinging.

Sensah XRX 12 Speed

For 12 speeds, there is a lower RX class, and a higher XRX materially and technologically. The Sensah 12 speed also supports double, but not triple chainring. Rear Derailleur Sensah 12 speed support for cassette 11-52T. Sensah 12 speed compatible with SRAM.

Sensah ARX 13S

Sensah also supports 13 speed bicycles, but for now, the Sensah ARX 13 speed component only consists of a cassette (11-50/11-52) and a shifter. Not much information on the specifications of these two components. So for a complete 13 speed groupset, it must be combined with components from other brands. An example of using this groupset is the Terraduro 13 speed bike that has been sold here.


Even though it also adopted some of Shimano’s features, SRAM’s influence on Sensah was indeed huge. Including when going to combine with other components, we need to pay attention to Sensah compatibility. Because some Sensah are compatible with SRAM, and some are compatible with Shimano. Look at the specifications and ask the store or seller before buying, so that the components can match what we have.

Not all specifications and sellers display Sensah compatibility. SRAM and Shimano are some of them compatible, but most of them are not. One of the important factors that distinguish components and their suitability is the cable pull ratio or shifting ratio.

Cable pull ratio or cable pull ratio is the ratio between the length of the cable being pulled (from pressing the shifter lever) to the length of the shift of the derailleur. The derailleur shift length must match or equal the distance between the sprockets (cog pitch) on the cassette. SRAM and Shimano have different specifications and cable pulls, which Sensah (including Ltwoo and other brands) use as a reference for compatibility.

Cable pull ratio 1:1 : refers to the cable pull ratio of SRAM, so it is compatible with other SRAM components.
Cable pull ratio 2:1 : refers to Shimano’s cable pull ratio, so it can be paired with other Shimano components.

So when we want to mix n match or mix Sensah components with other brand components, especially RD, shifters, and cassettes, we need to know their compatibility. For Sensah components that support Shimano (cable pull 2:1), while this is only a groupset of 8 and 9 speed, other than that it follows and is compatible with SRAM.

Many also combine Sensah components and groupsets with any brand, but they usually result in less smooth/maximum shifting.


Sensah is constantly improving their products, developing technology and using new materials to make them stronger and smoother. The use of plastic material that makes the shifter easy to break has also been repaired by replacing it with metal components. So if you buy, you should buy the latest Sensah products, not old stock.

Like other Chinese brand products, it is rather difficult to get replacement spare parts if there is damage. Plus the information and specifications are not clear, so we need a little more depth to make sure Sensah products are what we want.

For example, the SRAM race bike groupset that supports hydraulic disc brakes. There is not much information on the specifications, but the product is sold with hydraulic brake calipers. Sensah also has an official store on Aliexpress if you want to see the new products, Aliexpress is a large Chinese online store that also sells a lot of cheap bicycle components.

Sensah is not to be compared with Shimano and SRAM because it has a different price range, although technologically Sensah is not behind. The most common complaints for the Sensah groupset are easily bent or broken, the shifting is a bit heavy and doesn’t slide. But overall, for quality, Sensah’s products can be said to be worth the price.

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