Not Enjoy Adventures with Trek Checkpoint ALR 4

Not Enjoy Adventures with Trek Checkpoint ALR 4

The Trek’s Checkpoint gravel bike line is the most popular bike in the market. The company sold plenty of them. The Checkpoint line has some gravel bike models, including the Trek Checkpoint ALR 4. Just like other Checkpoint ALR models, this one is also equipped with numerous features, durability, versatility, and quality. With this trek e gravel bike, you will be able to enjoy adventures on the road with your friends or family. Below is the review of the Checkpoint ALR 4.

Review of the Trek Checkpoint ALR 4 Gravel Bike

As it is said before, the Checkpoint ALR 4 is part of Trek’s Checkpoint gravel bike line. If you enjoy commuting on a road bike or riding a road bike, this gravel bike is suitable. With this model, you can confidently and comfortably bike around. Compared to road bikes, the Checkpoint ALR 4’s frame has a chainstay length of 43 cm. This means more stability, which is great for what a gravel bike is made for: touring, commuting, and riding on bumpy gravel roads.

As you know, stability is the key when it comes to a gravel bike. Given the reasonable price, the Trek Checkpoint ALR 4 has impressive specifications. It is the most affordable gravel bike with fully hydraulic disc brakes and refusal to cut corners is visible throughout the specs. The only complaint that most users have is the Bontrager R1 hard-case lite 32 mm tires. These tires are not gravel tires. Instead, they are commuter tires.

This means that the tires are not comfortable on poor surfaces, very resistant to flat, and thick. They are also heavy since they have wire beads. So, using the Checkpoint ALR 4 as a commuter is not a good idea. But it is a great option as a gravel bike. The frame is made of a versatile aluminium. This gravel bike features Trek’s 200 alloy frame, tubeless ready rims, flat mount brakes, modular internal cable routing, and mounts galore.


There is nothing disappointing about the Checkpoint ALR 4. This means that it is a recommended choice for you who love to bike for adventures. The simplicity of Trek Checkpoint ALR 4 is what makes it an excellent gravel bike for many people. With many useful features, you can rely on this gravel bike to confidently and comfortably have fun biking. So, are you interested in having this gravel bike?

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