Merida eSilex 400 Electric Gravel Bike LIFETIME WARRANTY

Merida eSilex 400 Electric Gravel Bike LIFETIME WARRANTY

Merida eSilex 400 Electric Gravel Bike the answer, the development of gravel bicycles and electric bicycles (e-bikes) in recent years is “up and coming”. So, what if we combine the two “concepts”? yup, Gravel E-bike.

While there are some specifics you need to consider when buying an e-bike specifically for “off-road” such as the gravel, most of the things you need to check are the same as with any other electric bike. Check out our handy guide on how to buy an e-bike here. You need to consider the type of bike, placement and torque, battery size and range, bike weight, and, of course, your budget.

Just like a conventional gravel bike, it can also make a great city or commuter bike, thanks to its sturdy wide tires and wide gears which come in handy when you are carrying a lot of stuff. In this case, you need to consider safe storage and charging, as these bikes tend to be quite expensive. 1

Merida eSilex 400 Electric Gravel Bike DETAIL

The Merida eSilex 400 is designed for off-road fun driving with added support for the ultimate adventure engine. eSilex is the winner of versatility, whether you want to go through and tackle a real gravel ride, commute, or just take daily trips in your neighborhood, this electric bike is ready for that. eSilex sets itself apart from traditional e-bikes in that it looks like your everyday gravel and commuter bike thanks to the advanced MAHLE ebikemotion X35+ Rear Hub Motor (40 Nm) which is compact and so lightweight that you have a natural riding experience when you exceed a maximum speed of 25 km. /hour. Long lasting electrical power with the 250Wh Mahle B1-C Battery integrated into the lightweight alloy frame, ensures that it is more than capable of all-day driving.

The following additional settings make your riding experience great, with intelligent software giving you the ability to set your bike for a specific level of use or you can set your specific riding preferences e.g., commuter. Merida has equipped an iWOC on/off switch on the taptube to help keep the bike’s appearance tidy, ensuring that it’s within easy reach at all times and in all conditions. This switch is not just an on/off switch, but the rider can also switch between different support levels at the push of a button.

At launch it was hailed as Merida’s most comfortable and versatile bike ever. With modern MTB inspired geometry – long top and head tubes and a short stem offers nimble, confidence-inspiring handling. The press loved it: exceptional ride quality (cycling plus), a highly versatile bike (imb), the best bike of this genre (offroad cc).

The bike has 5 separate bottle mounting points to allow for many luggage carrying options.The star buy, matching Merida’s aluminium frame with the highly acclaimed gravel specific Shimano GRX400 groupset in 2 x 10 guise with hydraulic disc brakes.

Merida eSilex 400 Electric Gravel Bike

SPECIFICATION Merida eSilex 400


eSilex Lite

Our e700C LITE frame comes with multiple fixing points, allowing for fenders, rear rack and a kick stand to be fitted. This makes all three models very adaptable in case you want to turn your sporty e-road bike into a fast commuter or touring bike. The eSPEEDER 400 EQ comes fully kitted out as standard – ready for the daily commuting duties.

  • material: aluminium
  • 700x45C / 700x42C (with fender) max. wheelsize
  • 100×9/135x9mm axle standard
  • BSA bottom bracket standard


Merida Silex CF2

All models are equipped with a full carbon tapered fork. Carbon has great vibration absorbing properties in addition to being lightweight, so ride quality is improved. The carbon tapered steerer provides great stiffness to the front end of the bike, delivering precise and confidence-inspiring handling.

  • Tapered
  • material: carbon
  • 700x42C max/ 700x35C (with fender) max 50mm for 650B max wheelsize



The rear hub MAHLE motor system X35+offers 40 Nm of smooth and drag-free support and is powered by a 250 Wh internal battery. The system is controlled by a one-button iWOC switch which is positioned on the top tube. Different colours of the switch indicate the support as well as the battery level.

MAHLE ex35+ Hub Engine

  • 40Nm


To keep the cockpit as clean as possible, we have placed the iWOC on/off switch on the top tube. This location makes it perfect for reaching it in every riding condition. MAHLE’s iWOC switch is not just an on/off switch but the rider can also toggle between the different support level by pressing the button. Different colours of the ring indicate at which level the system is running. Due to the combination of on/off and switching levels in one device the bike has a sleek and clean appearance, especially around the cockpit area. For an even cleaner look, the cables are routed through the headset directly into the frame. This means no e-motor cables at the front end of the bike.


Should the 250 Wh battery not be enough, or you are intending to go for an extra-long outing, then you can fit a 250 Wh range extender. The range extender can be attached to one of the bottle cages fixing points and plugs straight into the system for immediate range extension.


  • 250Wh

The battery is the heart of the MAHLE ebikemotion system. It is not only the fuel tank for the power supply; it is also the brain of the whole system. The control unit for the rear hub is also located in the thin battery casing. While the 250 Wh capacity doesn’t sound a lot in the first instance, the weight and the efficiency of the rear hub engine in combination with the riding style of an e-road bike, the battery has enough capacity to have a long day in the saddle. And should the integrated battery provd to be not sufficient for an extra-long outing, then a 250 Wh range extender, that can be mounted to the frame like a water bottle, will make sure that there is plenty of juice in the tank.


Shimano GRX400


Shimano GRX400


    Shimano CS-HG50

    • 11-36 teeth
    • 10 speeds


    Shimano GRX600


    KMC e10S


    170 mm-XS/S, 172,5 mm-M, 175 mm-L/X


    VP CLK170F


    Merida Comp SL

    Depending on your preferences or the terrain you are going to ride on, you can fit 700c wheels with up to 40 mm tyres, even when fenders are fitted. If you prefer 650B wheels, then up to 47 mm wide off-road biased tyres are no problem.

    • 17mm inner width
    • 22mm height
    • material: aluminium


    Maxxis Rambler


    • STEM Merida Expert IR
    • HANDLEBAR Merida Expert GR
    • SEAT POST Merida Expert
    • SADDLE Merida Comp CC


    All cables are run internally, to give the bike a neat look as well as protect them from moisture and dirt. On our e-road bikes, we go one step further by letting all cables enter the frame through a specific headset cup, making the cockpit super clean and clutter-free.

    Where To Buy

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    Lifetime warranty on all frames

    Lifetime warranty on all frames for the entire ownership of the original purchaser. This covers manufacturing and material defects. No exclusions for racing. Rider and equipment weight limit: 120kg for standard bikes; 140kg for e-Bikes. Proof of purchase must be presented. (frames from model year 2011 onwards). *Conditions apply. * The lifespan of a bike is up to ten years.

    Forks: Carbon and aluminium rigid forks are guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase

    Suspension: Rear suspension components are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase

    All other MERIDA branded components, including paint and finish, are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase.

    The Merida Warranty Excludes:

    • Componentry which isn’t Merida branded (see below)
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Damage caused by accidents, neglect or abuse
    • Improper assembly
    • Improper follow-up maintenance; all bikes must be serviced by an authorised MERIDA dealer within 6 months of purchase. Suspension systems must be serviced annually by an authorised dealer
    • Modification or alteration of the frame or original components

    Branded Components
    Issues relating to branded original components, such as Shimano or SRAM are the responsibility of the appropriate component manufacturer’s warranty and subject to their terms and conditions.
    In the case of branded components failing, please contact your local MERIDA stockist who will liaise with the relevant distributor on your behalf.

    The Warranty Claim Process – Australia
    Search for your nearest MERIDA dealer here >>
    If the cause of the fault isn’t initially clear based on the information and photos your MERIDA stockists provides, the defective product may need to be returned to MERIDA Bicycles Ltd for closer inspection. 2

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