Is Maxxis Gravel Bike Tyres Suitable For Me?

Is Maxxis Gravel Bike Tyres Suitable For Me?


If you are looking for the best gravel bike tires, you can try gravel bike tires from maxxis. The Bikeradar team has been testing a wide variety of gravel bike tires over the years and one of them is the Maxxis Gravel Bike Tyres which really impressed the Bikeradar test team.

As a cycling category, gravel has the advantage over other types of bicycles that it can or can be ridden under a variety of road conditions. Solid dirt roads can be as smooth as pavements, cobbled roads may have embedded rocks or loose gravel, and some so-called gravel rides can be takes cyclists on single track stretches.

The different types of terrain out there and different types of tires must be adapted to the road conditions with various surfaces that you may encounter when you leave the asphalt.

The best tire for the maxxis type of gravel bike as rated by expert testers of bike radar is the Maxxis Rambler gravel tyre.

How Good Are Maxxis Tyres?

The famous bicycle tire company from Taiwan, MAXXIS, has become an unforgettable part of the bicycle world. MAXXIS is one of the famous tire brands with the most specifications in the gravel bike category. There are many rumors circulating among cyclists, there is actually no technical difference between tires bearing the white or yellow MAXXIS logo. The yellow ones are only available to OEM customers such as bicycle brands, while the white ones are the ones you can buy yourself from the shop. Over the years, MAXXIS has consistently made high-performance bicycle tires, making a name for themselves as the brand of choice for many cyclists.1

Where Are Maxxis Tyres Manufactured?

Big companies, of course, from small companies or starting from a car garage, Maxxis started their business from small. Founded in 1967 in Taiwan, Maxxis International started as a bicycle tire manufacturer at that time. Growing rapidly, Maxxis eventually became the largest bicycle tire manufacturer in the world – as it is today.2

Is Maxxis Gravel Bike Tyres Suitable for Me?

Maxxis Gravel bike tires will always be an option as the requirements for the types of roads on which bikes vary. There are gravel tires that work better on solid surfaces, and some are truly the king of the trail. Maxxis provides the perfect all-rounder: bans that inspire you with confidence on asphalt, dense gravel roads and loose forest clay, letting riders enjoy the nature and the driving experience. The following maxxis gravel tires are suitable for gravel or adventure type bikes is…

1. Maxxis Rambler Gravel Tires

The Maxxis Rambler tyre is a model specifically designed for Cyclycross and Gravel excursions on hard and dry terrain. This Tubeless Ready tyre allows tubeless free assembly. The central studs are tightened for optimal efficiency when riding while the outer studs are spaced for better control during turns.

Maxxis’ first gravel-specific tire, the Rambler is designed with the volume you need for comfort and the tread you need for speed and control. Tightly packed center knobs are ramped for rolling efficiency on hardpack roads, and spaced-out side knobs provide predictable cornering in varied terrain.

  • Dual-Compound for longevity
  • EXO Protection available
  • Gravel-specific tread pattern
  • Tubeless Ready (TR)

2. Maxxis Ravager Gravel Tires

At home on singletrack trails and gravel

  • Aggressive gravel tire
  • EXO Protection available
  • Optimal for off-road touring and adventures
  • Tubeless Ready (TR)

The Ravager is a gravel tire for the riders out there willing to brave aggressive terrain with only their drop bars and a tiny amount of rubber beneath them. While other tires are designed to let you ride beyond the end of the road, the Ravager opens up new line choices, camping spots, and epic adventures where no road ever existed. Raised square-edged center knobs provide climbing and braking traction on moon dust covered trails, and oversized cornering knobs keep you and your gear out of the dirt to conquer another turn.

3. Maxxis Re-Fuse Gravel Tires

High-volume Tubeless Ready adventure tire

  • Diamond-knurled slick design
  • Dual-compound rubber
  • MaxxShield bead-to-bead protection
  • Tubeless Ready (TR)

Our most popular training tire, modernized with tubeless technology and higher volumes for even more reliability and comfort. The familiar diamond tread pattern keeps things rolling smoothly even as the pavement crumbles into gravel and hardpack dirt.

4. Maxxis Velocita Gravel Tires

A tubeless, smooth-riding, high volume slick tire for mixed surfaces.

  • Diamond-knurled/file tread slick design
  • Dual-compound
  • SilkShield and EXO Protection available
  • Tubeless Ready (TR)

Based on our Velocita tubular, the Velocita AR (All-Road) takes that tread design and pumps up the volume. The knurled center tread transitions to a file tread along the edges for confidence in the corners. For riders that want a light, fast-rolling, high volume slick for their gravel or do-it-all road bike, look no further than the Velocita AR

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