GRAVEL BIKE TOP TUBE BAG Dawn To Dusk Teklite Tt 660

GRAVEL BIKE TOP TUBE BAG Dawn To Dusk Teklite Tt 660

Gravel Bike Top tube bag are the newest innovation in cycling gear. The TEKLITE TT 660 allows you to store your bike essentials and stay organized, with a variety of storage options that can adapt for different situations on an adventure ride. With top-of-the-line protection from weather conditions like rain or snow, this bag is ready for any epic gravel adventure!

Don’t drop your phone again, not when you have the Glide Gear Fleece Divider Case! The fleece-lined divider keeps your precious device protected from scratches and dings. It fits large phones with cases up to 76 mm x 151mm tall. With a second compartment that is perfect for nutrition, keys or tools this case will keep all of those important items safe while on the go. Removing the dividing panel gives you one larger storage area so everything has its own space making it easy to find what’s needed quickly without having to rummage through piles of stuff like in other bags – I know we’re all guilty of doing that at least once…

Gravel Bike Top Tube Bag The Teklite TT 660 is a bike bag that can be easily mounted on any of your bikes, and it comes with 3 sets of mounting holes as well as 6 different positions for the straps. The anti-sway strap helps keep your items in place while you ride so there’s no more worries about them falling out or being tossed around by wind resistance!

The patent-pending molded zipper pulls are the perfect way to seal your bag. The specially designed dirt deflecting zippers are easy for you and your bike while riding, keeping it protected from dust, grit and water that would otherwise hinder its performance in use!

Made of TPU coated 600D nylon laminate, this bag stands up against tears and rips with ease thanks to its non-slip straps that keep all your belongings secure when you’re out adventuring. The special Matte finish gives the pack an ultra sleek look while giving it a rugged durability at the same time! With 2mm closed cell insulation embedded in the sides and bottom for more protection from spills or rain, nothing will be able to destroy what’s inside as long as it stays fully loaded – even if you happen across some water along your way there is no need for concern because this sturdy bag can handle anything thrown his way (literally)!

The innovative fabric is designed to stay strong and maintain shape in all types of environments. A special matte finish helps eliminate reflective sun glare that can distract drivers, making you more visible while exploring those long trails at night!


  • VERSATILE AND SECURE: This storage bag can be attached to both bikes with direct bolt mount options or to nearly any tranditional tube bikes using the included non-slip Velcro straps.
  • ROBUST ZIPPERS: Molded zipper pulls fit snugly into the zipper garage helping prevent dust & water from entering. The dirt deflecting flaps keep the zipper track clean all while making it easy to open and close your bag quickly on the fly.


  • DURABLE: Water, moisture and abrasion resistant. Constructed of an ultrasonically welded, TPU coated 600D nylon laminate for superior tear resistance and waterproofness. 5 YEAR WARRANTY
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Bag comes with two zippers, one accessing the main compartment, the other a padded cell phone compartment. A removeable divider allows you to configure the storage capacity as needed!
  • INSULATED: Closed cell insulation and a durable plastic stiffener sandwiched between 2 layers of nylon laminate helps keep stored items cooler and helps the TEKLITE TT maintain its narrow shape

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