Titanium Gravel Bike

Titanium Gravel Bike

TITANIUM GRAVEL BIKE – Titanium is one of the materials for the gravel bike frame which is still being talked about by many people. Titanium has a lighter weight than steel but has a stronger tensile strength than aluminum.

Titanium became popular as a gravel bike frame. Titanium gravel bike can be one of the best choices for gravel bikes after aluminum gravel bikes.

Gravel bikes must have a strong frame to withstand extreme pressures and trails. In particular, gravel bikes are often used for extreme trails with mountain rocks.

Using a gravel bike is a new hobby right now, especially in a pandemic situation that hasn’t ended yet. Many people turn to this sport because it is considered enough to make them trained and can enjoy the weekend with the related community.

Why Should We Choose Titanium Gravel Bike?

Titanium is the strongest material after aluminum. Although there are still many who question whether titanium is allowed as a gravel bike material.

No research says that titanium is dangerous for gravel bikes. Although lighter than steel, titanium is twice as strong as aluminum.

So titanium is the right choice to make a gravel bike frame. Moreover, gravel bikes are devoted to gravel and rock areas.

A gravel bike with titanium base material is the right choice of gravel bike if you want to enjoy rock rides. Titanium is highly impacting resistant to rocks and gravel. It’s even more durable than aluminum.

A gravel bike with titanium material is the best gravel bike because it can handle various kinds of collisions. So if you buy this gravel bike, then the price is much more expensive than aluminum.

Here are the reasons why we should choose gravel bike with titanium material:

No Corrosion

Titanium has advantages over aluminum. That does not corrode due to the use of gravel bikes in extreme weather.

Steel is a material that often corrodes. If you are looking for a gravel bike with extreme trails, then you can use titanium.

Titanium will not corrode because the titanium frame will not be repainted. After all, it already has its distinctive luster. Titanium already has a natural luster, so many gravel bikes made from titanium do not need to be repainted.

But you can also do painting if you want to have a more shiny gravel bike without corroding.

Suitable for Use on Extreme Roads

Titanium has excellent resistance to rock and gravel roads. The use of titanium can make your drive more stable even on extreme trails.

If you encounter a road that is not smooth, then this gravel bike will balance so you can ride safely and without shock.

The strength of titanium is unmatched even with aluminum. If the aluminum gravel bike can still feel the vibrations due to the rocks.

Elegant and Slim

Titanium is a material that can be guaranteed for life. Back to the reason why titanium can be chosen as a gravel bike is because it will not corrode.

Titanium is an extremely strong, fatigue-resistant, and impact-resistant material. So the shape of this titanium gravel bike is of course very slim and elegant.

Even you can see 100 years in the future, titanium can still be as strong as ever. So titanium-based gravel bikes are the right choice for a lifetime investment.

Gravel bikes with titanium material usually have a slim and elegant body. No need to add paint, because titanium already has its shine.

Recommended Choice of Titanium Gravel Bike

If you have considered the reasons why you are thirsty for choosing titanium as the base material for your gravel bike, now we will give you a recommendation for a gravel bike made from titanium. Here’s the list: 1

Dream Build Titanium Gravel Bike Video

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