Best gravel bike under 1000

Best gravel bike under 1000

Having an exciting adventure with a gravel bike is a fun one. Gravel bikes are the best way to enjoy sports without sacrificing your legs and arms.

We have to find out what are the best gravel bikes under 1000 that can be one of our choices. The sport of using a gravel bike is the right choice during the COVID-19 pandemic situation which is still not over.

Gravel bikes also have a wide selection of low prices. Usually, the gravel bike manufacturing plant uses materials that cost much lower.

But you don’t need to worry, because the company has thought of the best quality materials to make gravel bikes at low prices.

Usually, they use a technology called trickle-down. This technology is a model that has a high price but makes the bike lighter.

It is this technology that makes bicycles very light to ride and of course very affordable prices. This trickle-down technology makes gravel bikes more fun than expensive gravel bikes.

Why You Should Choose Gravel Bike?

The trend of sports with gravel bikes has become very global since the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only men, but women are also interested in using a gravel bike.

Exercising with a gravel bike is one of the best ways to spend the weekend with your partner or friends.

Exploring the rock and gravel area is certainly difficult for beginners, especially for women. But you can take it easy because the company has created various kinds of women’s gravel bikes under 1000 that can be used by beginners.

Of course, you can get the best gravel bike at a low price. You can join the road ride community and explore rocky areas.

Gravel bikes are a great choice for exercising without hurting your arms and legs. Because this bike has been designed with tires that can withstand great pressure from gravel and stones.

5 Best Women's Gravel Bike Under 1000

Sports and hobbies are things we can do to pass the time during a pandemic. A gravel bike is one of the right choices if you want a challenging and light sport.

The following are the recommendations for the best gravel bike under 1000 that can be your choice:

Triban GRVL Bike 520 With SRAM Apex 1

Triban is one of the most popular and highly recommended gravel bike brands. If you are looking for a gravel bike for under 1000, this Triban 520 is the right answer.

This Gravel bike has gears with SRAM Apex 1 which has a speed of 1×11. This bike is also combined with HY/RD disc brakes or hybrid TRP to have very progressive stopping power over the entire surface.

This bike also uses Hutchinson Tubeless Touareg tires which have a size of 47mmx650B and are equipped with hard skin protection.

The following are the specifications of the Triban GRVL Bike 520:

  • Various sizes from XS to L
  • Aluminum frame
  • Handlebar with a width of 16 degrees
  • Mechanical Hydro in disc brakes to provide progressive braking

This triban gravel bike is suitable for beginners because it has safe specifications. Especially on disc brakes with progressive braking technology so you can drive stably.

AL 650 Kona Rove

This Gravel Bike is a gravel bike that is ideal for improving your skills. This Kona rove has tires with 47mm and 650b.

If you want to cycle on extreme trails, then the AL 650 is the right choice. This Gravel bike uses an 8 drivetrain and uses Shimano Claris technology for acceleration.

This technology helps you stay stable on extreme trails. Your speed can remain stable because you simply press the lever so that the disc brakes can function properly.

Here are the specifications for the AL 650 Kona Rove:

  • Aluminum 6061
  • Size 58 cm
  • Hayes CX for disc brakes

You can get this gravel bike for 899. This Kona rove is one of the best gravel bike under 1000.

Marin Four Corners

This Gravel bike has a dual function. If you want a bike that can do various activities, then Marin Four Corners is the right answer.

You can enjoy the gravel path with this gravel bike because it has technology that can make you always stable. In addition to gravel paths, this bike can also be used on the highway.

You will feel very comfortable when riding this gravel bike. Because the steel frame has a comfortable structure, especially when you meet bumps in the middle of the road.

This bike is also equipped with a mudguard and a place for a water bottle. So your trip will be pleasant and comfortable.

You can get this gravel bike for 995 with 42mm wide tires and additional puncture protection.

One Grid Octane

This is one of the best gravel bikes under 1000 that can be your choice. If you want to enjoy a gravel bike on a challenging track, then One Octane Grid is the right choice.

This Gravelbike is more aggressive and suitable for use if you already have the skills. This octane grid has 1×10 SRAM and 10 MTB using GX speeds.

The frame of this bike is made of aluminum and has a 40Cx700 rubber chamber. The type of tire used is 38 mm and has excellent disc brakes for extreme trails.

Ribble CGR

This gravel bike has very good advantages. Made of aluminum and has gears measuring 2×10.

With a price of 999, you can get a gravel bike with the best specifications. Wheel tires use 650b and 700c.

Mud protection and puncture protection are also owned by this gravel bike. If you want to have a gravel bike with the best specifications and affordable prices, you can buy Ribble CGR.

Those are some options of the best gravel bike under 1000 that can be your choice of gravel bike recommendations. Make sure the gravel bike has specifications that match your needs.

For safety and driving comfort, choose a gravel bike that has the best tire protection.

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