Flat bars gravel bike: Can a Gravel Bike Have Flat Bars?

Flat bars gravel bike: Can a Gravel Bike Have Flat Bars?

New Flat Bars Gravel Bike Era

Cycling has been a popular fun sport that most people like to do during their free time. But during this pandemic, as the street is emptied from motorcycles and cars, it is filled with bikes instead. Cycling gets back its popularity during this quarantine all around the world as people cannot go out freely yet they still need to stay active.

Flat bars gravel bike becomes one of the most popular types of bikes that people like to use cycling because of their durability. People like to spend some hours in the morning or afternoon cycling in urban places such as city parks, around the stadium, or even the empty main street. Besides keeping the body move, cycling also can be a great activity to spend time together with family outside.

Because of this popularity, the need for bikes is increasing instantly for this last year. People start to buy different types of bikes for themselves and also their families. No wonder the bike shops sometimes are running out of bikes because of the high demand.

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Get to Know About Gravel Bike

As more people like cycling lately, bike company keeps developing the model and the features of the bike to give the best products for costumers. Now, bike companies are trying their best to provide different bikes that are suitable for many surfaces, distances, and profiles. One of the most popular types of bikes is the flat bars gravel bike.

A gravel bike is similar to an adventure bike and it is designed to handle different kinds of surfaces. It has additional gears that make it more suitable for daily riding. A gravel bike is built to be more robust and durable than another standard road bike because it is also completed with bigger wire and more gear range.

This gravel bike is really suitable for road riding on different surfaces such as fire and gravel roads, off-road trails. It is firm, strong, and comfortable to ride and even you can carry a small suitcase on your touring. The wheelbase on gravel bikes creates comfort and stability, even for a long-distance ride.

Some Differences Between Gravel Bike and Adventure Bike

As mentioned before that both gravel and adventure bikes are similar yet they are still different. Here are some differences you should know before deciding which type of bikes you are going to purchase.


The first different feature between flat bars gravel bike and adventure bikes is their weight. The gravel bike is mainly lighter than the adventure bike because it is generally made from steel. The steel has greater capacity, especially for the addition of racks to luggage.


The second differences are about the geometry of these two bikes. The wheelbase, headtube, and chain-stays of the gravel bike are shorter than the adventure bike. The adventure bike has longer chain stays, wheelbase, and headtube to stabilize the bike for long journeys.

Bike Spectrum

The bike spectrum is another difference thing between the gravel bike and the adventure bike. The gravel bike is closer to the cyclocross bike, besides the adventure bike is closer to the type of touring bike as its function is for long touring.

Completing The Gravel Bike with Flat Bars

We all know that the advanced technology put into the bike nowadays creates a more advanced bike than a traditional bike we might found some years ago. Bike company puts advanced features in order to provide versatile, comfortable, and friendly-used bike. One of the features that can improve the visual and function is the handlebar of the gravel bike.

Flat bars are one of the most comfortable handlebars to use for a gravel bike. Flat bars are commonly more upright and it presents more comfortable position while riding so that you do not need to lean your body while riding. It is also easier to handle which is why it is very friendly for beginners.

On the other hands, flat bars are not really suitable for long riding because it does not add bar extensions. It is appropriate for a daily ride or no-really-long ride. However, it is perfect for common commuters so that they can ride during this quarantine well.

Some Reasons Why Flat Bars Are the Best for Gravel Bike

Flat bars gravel bike is great for common commuters, and even for beginners who just start their riding experience. The gravel bike is even completed with luggage space so that you will not find any difficulty while carrying luggage during the ride. Besides, flat bars complete the features of gravel bikes for some reason.

Comfortable for an upright position

The position of the body while riding is really important because it affects the posture of the body, especially when you prefer to ride for hours. The flat bars will support you to ride the bike in an upright position so that you can keep your posture. One example of the best flat bar gravel bike is the Specialized Diverge EVO that will give you the best experience of the ride.

Easily controlled

Another reason why the flat bar is the best for gravel bikes is that the flat bar is easier to control. It is even easy to handle for beginners because they will have more handgrip while practicing or riding the bike. The more handgrip you have, the easier you may control the bike, especially while riding on bumpy or gravel roads. Besides, it is also easier for you to maintain the brake cables and also the gear.

More space

If you want to put some accessories on your bike, you will have more than enough space for that. The flat bars are more durable than the bar tape and it is possible for you to put front luggage so that you do not need to find another place to keep your things while riding. Lastly, you may choose your preference of a flat bar gravel bike to fulfill your needs because there are a bunch of options you may choose. The best choices will give you the best experience of riding a bike during this quarantine time.

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