Canyon Grizl CF SL Review Adventure and Bikepacking Ready Gravel Bike

Canyon Grizl CF SL Review Adventure and Bikepacking Ready Gravel Bike

Bristlin’ for a Grizlin’?

Get Grizl’d. Your way. From sunset blasts to week-long trips to bombing about where no drop-bar bike should – a durable construction and progressive specs mean the Canyon Grizl CF SL is good to go when you are.

With the Grizl, Canyon has provided a stronger brother to its Grail gravel bike. The new Canyon Grizl is also great for rough terrain and is easier to customize than the Grail. Temukan mereka you the first test of the gravel bike from Koblenz.

What’s the difference between Canyon Grizl CF SLX and CF SL?

In short the Grizl CF SLX is built for maximum speed over rough gravel and the Canyon Grizl CF SL is designed for modern gravel bikers looking for a little bit of everything: including regular mixed-terrain rides gravel events and bikepacking. The bikes differ in multiple different ways:

The CF SLX weighs a stunning 950 grams using an advanced carbon layup to keep weight to an absolute minimum with no compromises on durability.
The CF SL is still light and stiff but weighs a bit more than the SLX due to its less advanced carbon construction.

In the pursuit of maximum speed the CF SLX has premium aero carbon wheels.
The Canyon Grizl CF SL uses aluminium wheels that aren’t quite as light aero or stiff.

The CF SLX uses top-end groupsets to keep shifting performance at a maximum and weight to an absolute minimum. Electronic shifting options are available.
The CF SL is fitted with mid-range mechanical groupsets that are reliable more economical to repair and still provide good performance.

Conclusion: you need to know that

With the Grizl, Canyon is bringing an adventure-ready gravel and bikepacking bike onto the market. Compared to the Canyon Grail, the Grizl offers wider tires, more mounting points for bags and bottle cages and an easily customizable cockpit with a conventional stem-handlebar connection. The carbon frame of the Grizl is very light and offers drivers a sporty yet very comfortable seating position. For us, the Grizl is actually more of a holy grail than the grail itself.


  • easy
  • balanced geometry
  • Tire width
  • Price-performance


  • low flare
  • little power reserve on the mountain

What tyre pressure should I use on my Grizl?

Your tyre pressure depends on so many factors – total rider & bike weight what surface you’re riding on what tyres you’re using and more.

If you pump up your tyres too hard you won’t have any grip on loose surfaces.

Likewise if you don’t have enough pressure in your tyres you run the risk of pinch flats the tyre feeling wobbly and bendy when cornering or the rim banging against the ground when you roll over roots.

It might take a bit of trial and error to find your perfect pressure. If you’re experiencing any of the issues above then stop immediately and add or remove a bit of air accordingly. When you’re doing this however never go outside the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure range printed on the side of the tyre.

Visitor Read: Gravel Bike Tire Pressure Guidelines

The highlights of this component set

With a RockShox Rudy suspension fork, precise gravel-specific one-by Shimano shifting, robust DT Swiss gravel wheels and 45 mm Schwalbe tyres, the Grizl CF SL 8 Suspension 1by is ready for all-out gravel fun.

Gravel-specific suspension fork

Canyon Grizl CF SL
On rough gravel, a little front suspension can bring you a lot more go. 30 mm of travel is enough to absorb the high-frequency hits that wear you down as the ride goes on. Save yourself a beating and stay fresher, longer.
The latest Rockshox Rudy garvel fork has 30 mm travel, 50 mm tyre clearance with 700c wheels, and is compatible with full-lenght mudguards. It has excellent sensitivity thanks to the Maxima Plush damping fluid,proven in the world of mountain biking. Get an extra dose of control on your next off-road ride.

Best Rear Derailleur

Shimano GRX RX812 GS
With a single 42-tooth chainring and an 11-42 cassette on the back, GRX 800 is a gravel-specific groupset with Ultrega-level performance and shift/brake levers specially optimised for off-road riding in all conditions


Fizik Argo Terra X5 The new Fizik Argo Terra X5 saddle is specially made for gravel riding. A modern short nose design provides more stability and better weight distribution, always keeping you right position, even on the climbs. A cut out also relieves pressure but is closed to keep mud and dirt away.


DT Swiss G1800 Spline db
Specially designed for gravel riding. The DT Swiss G1800 Disc wheelset strikes the balance between light weight construction and stability for top performance in all riding scenarios. Thanks to their 24 mm inner rim width, these wheels are the perfect match for high volume, tubeless-ready gravel tyres.

Will the Canyon Grizl be a blockbuster?

For such a large and also sporty-oriented manufacturer as Canyon, the Grizl is a very courageous, imaginative and innovative achievement. We are sure that customers will snatch this bike out of the hands of the manufacturer of the Rhine and Moselle. We would even advise interested parties to hurry up. In Corona times, a quick reordering from the manufacturer, once Canyon feels how much they have hit the gravel nerve, becomes difficult or even impossible.

In fact, the Grizl drives great – no matter where! The author would immediately mount 50 mm tires and tubeless, plus another handlebar. But that would only be the icing on the cake of a really great cake, and only because it moves almost exclusively off-road. The bike can really do everything that normal mortals want to do with a gravel bike. It feels good on forest highways, on narrow, root-laden trails and even on asphalt on the way to work (make sure you have the right mudguards). And then there is some good news: Canyon would like to bring out the Grizl in an aluminum version very soon. Will the Koblenz company then even install a suspension fork, or where does their gravel innovation end?
And now, finally, the bad news for Canyon: It could be that you won’t be selling too many units of the Grail soon. The Holy Grail now appears on the dirty Grizl’s side.

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