Canyon Gravel Bike

Canyon Gravel Bike Review

Canyon has released a range of new Grail models for this year season, featuring the latest components and parts on the market. For Canyon gravel bikes provide 2 types, namely:
1. Grail
2. Grizl

The Canyon Grizl gravel bike doesn’t take long to get into off-road trails and it’s right at home on gravel roads, dirt roads, forest trails, you name it, it shines everywhere and it really does everything you could want it from. The gravel bike is fast, it’s capable enough it’s versatile enough it’s just brilliant fun.

The Grizl Canyon Gravel Bike is a new gravel bike from the German bicycle company, Canyon Bicycles GmbH manufacturer of road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, triathlon bikes and e-bikes based in Koblenz, Germany. but it’s not really the first gravel bike they launched a few years ago with a very distinctive graded handlebar and bike design for racing and performance.

Then they followed up with a Canyon Grail alloy gravel bike with normal handlebars and a cheaper price point.

New Canyon Gravel Bike

New gravel bikes from Canyon, Get the fun and fast adventure bikes for your next off-road ride. The best gravel bikes are vastly more capable than their pavement-dwelling siblings and are allowing riders to get away from traffic and explore their local environment in a totally new way. 

Canyon Gravel Bike Price

The Canyon Gravel Bike is the perfect partner for your next gravel adventure. Explore our carbon and aluminium gravel bikes!

Lightweight and fast for light gravel roads

  • Grail CF SLX lightest, fastest, stiffest gravel bike. Made to win races. From 5,499.00 US$
  • Grail CF SL The Grail’s unique design and performance in our most accessible carbon builds. From 2,649.00 US$
  • Grail AL The same handling and all-terrain ability in a robust, affordable alloy package. From 1,549.00 US$

Rough gravel bike with plenty of storage

  • Grizl CF SLX The fastest Swiss Army Knife you’ve ever ridden built around our top-line 950 g SLX frame. From 4,799.00 US$
  • Grizl CF SL All the feature you need for real adventure on the rough stuff. From 2,149.00 US$
  • Grizl AL Alumunium builds for maximum utility and value. A do-it-all model for all year rideing and weekend bikepacking escapes. From 1,599.00 US$
*price December 2021

Canyon Gravel Bike Outlet

Where can you buy Canyon gravel bikes?

You can’t buy Canyon bikes from a bike shop, only via the Canyon website, or by visiting its Koblenz showroom.

Canyon sells to a number of countries across Europe, the Middle East, Australasia, the US and Central/South America.

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