Canyon Grail AL 6.0: All-Rounder Bike with Solid Spec

Canyon Grail AL 6.0: All-Rounder Bike with Solid Spec

When it comes to a bike perfect for all surfaces, Canyon Grail AL 6.0 can be a great option to consider. This all-rounder offers solid spec, versatility, and durability. Being an updated version of its predecessor, the tires of Grail AL 6.0 are ideal for tarmac and gravel. Know what you can expect from this bike before purchasing one for your adventure here.

The Frameset of Canyon Grail AL 6.0

If compared to the previous model of Canyon Grail, the frameset of this AL 6.0 looks quite similar. The only differentiation only lies in the absence of rack mounts in this Canyon E gravel bike. Unfortunately, the lack of this one small detail makes the bike less appealing.

However, this minor downside of Grail 6 is not a dealbreaker for biking addicts and the bike is still very popular among riders. Though AL 6.0 doesn’t have rack mounts, the mudguard mounts of the bike are still retained.

Speaking about the frame, the one in Canyon Grail AL 6.0 comes with a straightforward aluminum design. It also has a lot of straight lines that look suitable with the full carbon fork. The frame itself weighs approximately 1,540 g and the frame welds are painted in a shade of green. Though the cabling route is installed internally, it is not fully integrated in the same way as the one commonly found in high-end race bikes.

Sizing and Geometry

Depending on your height, the ideal size of the Grail 6 bike can be different from one rider to another. if you are between 172 cm and 178 cm, Grail 6 in small size is a perfect option to take.

You need to know that without super-slack angles, the numbers of Grail 6 are quite road bike-like. The long reach of the bike can go hand in hand with long wheelbases. It enables the bike to create the tire and toe needed when you use them.

Canyon Grail 6 Build

Canyon Grail AL 6.0 comes with a 2×10 Shimano GRX gravel drivetrain. Not only that but this Canyon Grail model is also completed with matching hydraulic disc brakes. The GRX of the bike is positioned alongside the road groupsets of Shimano. However, the GRX doesn’t have direct equivalents at every level. This feature allows you to enjoy more gravel-friendly riding, thanks to the clutched rear derailleur added to the GRX.

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