Canyon E-Gravel Bike – Why Electronic Gravel Bikes are Special

Before you decide on buying a new Canyon E-Gravel bike, you should learn many things about electronic bikes. Gravel bikes have become very popular nowadays. And it is not surprising, considering how convenient riding with gravel bikes is.

Cycling has evolved so much over the years. Thanks to technology, bicycles today are very evolved. Nowadays, you can see gravel bikes, hybrid bikes, cyclocross, and many more types of bikes. You can even find the electronic version of these bikes.

canyon e gravel bike

If you love cycling offroad, you need to take a look at electronic gravel bikes such as the Canyon Grail AL 7.0. Why? Well, simply because this type of bike has a unique disc brake that will help you tremendously when you are cycling on dirt grounds. Gravel bikes can even withstand extreme terrain such as rocky roads, which is quite impressive.

To help you understand more about gravel bikes, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this kind of bicycle. That way, you will be able to understand why the demand for this bike has spiked pretty high. Here is everything you need to know about electronic gravel bikes.

What is a Gravel Bike?

As the name suggests, a gravel bike is a bike that allows you to ride through gravel without any problem at all. When you ride using a gravel bike such as the Canyon Grail AL 6.0, you will have no problem having a biking adventure in the wilderness. If you love biking on hard terrains such as in the forest, you need a gravel bike to accommodate you.

You will not be comfortable biking offroad using a regular bike. You need to modify a few components in the bike so you will be able to ride it comfortably offroad. You also need to make sure that the bike becomes efficient once you bring it to difficult roads. A couple of modifications on your regular bike can help you create a gravel bike such as the Grail CF SL 7.

Gravel Bikes and Hybrid Bikes

Now that you know about gravel bikes, let’s talk a little bit about its alternative. A hybrid bike is a bicycle that combines the features of race bikes and mountain bikes. So, what are the differences you will find between gravel bikes and hybrid bikes?

Although they are quite similar, gravel bikes and hybrid bikes have a few subtle differences you can identify. First of all, hybrid bikes look more similar to mountain bikes. Why? Well, simply because they have straight handlebars. Gravel bikes, on the other hand, looks more like race bike thanks to the dropping handlebars. That is what you are going to see on the Grail CF SL 8.

Gravel Bikes and Cyclocross

If you are a bike enthusiast, you probably have heard about cyclocross. Cyclocross is another alternative to gravel bikes. And at a glance, these two bikes look very similar. They look so similar that you might mistake them for one another.

Although they look very similar, gravel bikes like the Canyon E-Gravel bike have a couple of distinctive details. These details will help you differentiate between gravel bikes and cyclocross. Essentially, cyclocross is a type of bike that is designed specifically for cyclocross competition.

A cyclocross competition is a bike race that combines on-road and offroad terrain. So, a cyclocross has its focus more on speed than convenience. This differs from gravel bikes such as the Canyon Grail Gravel bike, which purpose is for adventure. Because its main purpose is for adventure, gravel bikes not only prioritize speed but comfort for their rider as well.

Another difference you will find is the geometry of the two bikes. Cyclocross has a shorter wheelbase and chainstay to optimize racing for at least 2 hours. Gravel bikes like the Grizl CF SL 8 do not have aerodynamic geometry such as the cyclocross. However, the rider will have a straighter back position, allowing them to see the rough roads.

What is Unique About Gravel Bikes?

Before you decide to buy the Grizl CF SL 7, you should learn about what makes this type of bike different. You will find so many unique features in electronic gravel bikes. Here are a couple of things you can note from gravel bikes.

  • Light and Fast. First of all, gravel bikes are light and fast. Even if you have a Grizl CF SL 6, you will be able to feel the difference when you are riding an electronic gravel bike. This kind of bike is very light and fast, even in difficult terrain. You do not have to be a pro biker if you want to ride a gravel bike. Why? Well, simply because the design of this bike has already made it very fast.
  • Versatile. Any gravel bike, including the Canyon Grizl CF SLX, is very versatile. This means you will be able to ride this type of bike anywhere. Because gravel bikes are designed to withstand even the most difficult terrain, you will be able to bring this bike offroad. You will also be able to explore the mountains using this bike. And because this bike is very light, you will be able to carry it once you accidentally face a small river.
  • Enjoy Your Ride. Lastly, getting a gravel bike such as the Canyon Grail SL 8.0 will help you enjoy your ride without a doubt. The main purpose of a gravel bike is to help you have exciting adventures in the wilderness. This bike is not about winning a race or being the fastest. It is about enjoying a very nice day out with your bike. That is why getting a gravel bike might be the best decision you can make to have a lot of fun.


A gravel bike is a very unique type of bike with a variety of features. This bike differs from hybrid bikes and cyclocross in its few details. A gravel bike is also very unique because it is light and fast, versatile, and lets you enjoy a fun ride. So, are you interested in getting a Canyon E-Gravel bike yet?

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