Campagnolo Gravel Bike Groupsets 13 Speed Ekar

Campagnolo Gravel Bike Groupsets 13 Speed Ekar

Campagnolo Gravel Bike Groupsets – Campagnolo has improved their product line. No longer known for the most stylish groupsets currently available on the market today, they offer a broader range of groupset options that support disc brakes which are great for mechanical and electronic drivetrains. For EPS, the Campagnolo electronic drive system, the disc brake version is only available on the Super Record EPS, and for the chainring options all work for road bikes. On top of that, Super Record EPS is a little pricey and I can’t imagine myself getting it raw!

Campagnolo offers Super Record, Record, Chorus. All of these groups are 2 x 12-speed groupsets for road bike mechanical groupsets, with the exception of Super Record EPS, which is 2 x 12-speed with electronic groupsets.

Recently Campagnolo unleashed new back gear for their Record and SuperRecord 12 speed groups. They look and move the same, but the new RD has a longer one specifically to work with the 11-34 gear cassette, which previously had a cage at 32. Therefore, Campagnolo has also released the Super Record 11-34 cassette.

Campagnolo will not offer ‘medium’ and ‘long’ cage shifting. Like the AXS 12 Speed Sram groupset, they will continue with a one-size-fits-all approach. So now, you can use the 11-29, 11-32, OR 11-34 tapes.

Where can you get the Campagnolo gravel bike groupset?

Rumors and leaks about Campagnolo’s 13-speed Ekar groupset have been flying recently, but thanks to two US patent applications published on July 30, we now have a few more details of what Campy has been working on.

One patent filing in particular — Cogset with Increasing Jump, US 2020/023105 — is the most telling, not only confirming the use of 13 sprockets out back, but also the exact tooth counts on the three cassettes Campagnolo is planning to release. The smallest features just nine teeth, and the biggest 44.1

News of the launch of the Compagnolo Ekar Groupset whether the news for gravel bikes is still confusing and There is still much secret and unknown about what will come out of Vicenza – and Campagnolo refuses to provide further information about its new product, beyond what is described in the patent application. . Critically, we still don’t know whether Ekar uses a chainring or two up front, but one thing is clear: it was made specifically for gravel bikes.

Now, if you go to the riddinggravel dot com 2 you’ll see Campagnolo Ekar 1×13 listed  Jena page on Wilier’s website. The Next Campagnolo Gravel Bike Groupsets is Ekar

It looks like Campagnolo will be releasing a 13 speed gravel group in September.  There isn’t much info out yet, but I am looking forward to this.  I had never ridden Campagnolo, but last year I got a Canyon Endurace with a Campy group and it is amazing.  My favorite component is the brakes which perform better than anything Shimano or SRAM make (I also have Force and Ultegra bakes).  I really wanted to switch to Campy just to get the brakes for my gravel bike, but I run 1x and they do not have a clutch derailleur right now.  So I would assume the new group will have a clutch derailleur.

13 speed Ekar Campagnolo Gravel Bike Groupsets
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Up until a week ago, images captured by the website,, showed that Wilier’s popular Jena gravel bike could be optioned with what appears to be a 13-speed drivetrain from Campagnolo called the Ekar.

However, that option has since disappeared.

If launched, the Ekar will not only represent the first such gravel specific offering from the vaunted Italian brand, it will also be the first 13-speed groupset in that category.

Time will tell.

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