Buying Guide to the Canyon Grail CF SL7

Buying Guide to the Canyon Grail CF SL7

Speaking about an excellent versatile gravel bike, Canyon Grail CF SL7 is on the top list. With the impressive price tag, this gravel bike makes a perfect option if you want to enjoy fun bike riding on various surfaces. Whether it is shreds gravel, a little singletrack, or pavement, this well-rounded bike promises solid performance. Get to know more about why this bike is worth your money here!

Frame Design

Even with only a quick glance, you will find out that this CF SL7 comes with a sturdy build. This Canyon E gravel bike is constructed from a carbon fiber frame that makes it look a bit heavier than the previous CF models, including CF SLX. However, CF SL7 is considered lighter since the medium size of this model is “only” 1040 grams. Just compared to the premium SLX frames that Canyon claims to weigh 200 grams on average.

The frame of CF SL7 is paired nicely with a carbon fork. Both the frames and the carbon fork come with flat disc brake mounts. Meanwhile, the unique shape of the frame’s head tube area can accommodate the stem combo or carbon fiber double-decker handlebar of the bike.

As for the seat tube of Grail CF SL7, the feature is completed with an integrated seat post clamp. You can find the post clamp between the junction of the seat tube. The frame of the bike is also loaded with integrated chainstay protection, internal cable routing, and mounts found within the front triangle designed to keep 2 water bottles.

Design Canyon Grail CF SL7 Highlights 

Here are some key features you can find in CF SL7:

  • Gravel-specific geometry
  • CF SL carbon frame
  • Internal cable routing
  • 650b wheels on sizes 2XS-XS
  • 700c wheels on sizes S-2XL
  • Fender compatible
  • Protective frame sticker pack designed for bike packing bags
  • Stem combo and double-decker integrated handlebar

Climbing Performance

CF SL7 has a great climbing performance with a comfortable geometry. Out of 10, the climbing performance of CF SL7 can earn a top score of 9. Additionally, the power transfer of the bike is efficient and direct. That makes the bike easily scamper uphill.

Downhill Performance

For overall score in the gravel bike testing, Grail CF SL7 reaches 30% of downhill performance accounts. By earning a score of 8 out of 10, this well-rounded bike shows that it can work well on the descents.

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