Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoes Too Expensive?

Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoes Too Expensive?

Taken from an article from one of the leading online bicycle media,, it states that under Bontrager gr2 gravel shoes Durable gravel shoes that’ll stand up to all kinds of abuse, with a grippy sole and a reasonable price tag.

The GR2 is Bontrager’s first gravel-specific shoe, it uses the brand’s existing inForm Race last that “offers a slightly roomier, high-performance fit”. The nylon composite sole has a stiffness level of 6 out of 14 on Bontrager’s scale so, indicating that walking isn’t going to be a problem married with two bolt mountain bike cleats. It looks like mix of a cross country and a hiking shoe with laces for that ‘gravel style’, let’s face it, if you getting properly off the beaten track on a gravel bike you are going to need to be prepared to hike! 

Bontrager Gravel Shoes

Bontrager Shoes is gear to make every ride better, Bontrager builds quality cycling gear, components, and accessories with a rider-first, no-compromise mentality. Here, you’ll find race-ready upgrades, accessories for the road and trail, and replacement parts designed to make your next ride better than your last.

Bontrager GR2

The Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoe is perfect for a long adventure, endurance race, or even cyclocross race with a more contemporary look accustomed to the modern-day gravel rider. It features the infinite adjustability of laces and includes a useful lace catcher to clean up clutter. The GR2 can also easily scramble through rough terrain thanks to the outsole’s unmatched grip and traction allowing you to stay stable on a variety of surfaces.

Product Details

  1. inForm Race last offers a slightly roomier, high-performance fit
  2. Nylon composite Bronze Series sole provides stiff yet walkable performance
  3. Classic laces closure system with convenient elastic lace keeper
  4. Tachyon rubber outsole allows great grip in all terrains
  5. Stiffness index 6 of 14
  6. Durable, GnarGuard rubberized coating protects against abrasions and fights debris
  7. Compatible with 2-bolt SPD-style cleats


GR2 Lace Gravel Bike Shoe, A dedicated gravel shoe that tackles all types of terrain with ease, efficiency, and style.

In the comfort zone, A durable synthetic leather upper comfortably cradles your foot and offers the durability needed to stand up to the daily abuse of even the toughest trails.

Just-right fit, inForm Race last offers a slightly roomier yet high-performance fit so your feet can be comfortable for those long days both on-and-off the bike.

Sensibly stiff, Nylon composite Bronze Series sole provides stiff-yet-walkable performance and has a stiffness index of 6 of 14.

A modern classic, A durable traditional lace closure system with convenient elastic lace keeper allows for infinite adjustability and provides quick and easy replacements if needed.

Ready to roam, A durable Tachyon rubber outsole is compatible with 2-bolt SPD-style cleats and gives you better grip on all sorts of terrain no matter where your ride takes you.

Scuff saver, GnarGuard rubberized coating on toe cap and heel protects your investment against abrasions and trail debris for added durability.

What Other Talking About Bontrager GR2

Bontrager GR2 Review

I decided to return to clip-less pedals after taking a break for a couple of years and riding on flats. I was looking for a competitor’s shoe in my size but could not find it in stock. I read and watched several reviews of these shoes and decided to order a pair from my local Trek/Bontrager shop. I love them. I came from riding FiveTen Freeriders. These shoes have a wide footbed so I was immediately impressed. They seem to run a bit small and I needed what I thought would be a US 12 (I typically wear a US 11).The “yellow” is not yellow and they are only getting more comfortable. Bontrager/Trek’s shop customer service is the best I’ve experienced. These may be the most comfortable clip-less shoe I’ve ever worn.

Timmy, New Hampshire

Gravel shoes are XC shoes in my mind and Bontrager’s GR2 gravel shoe is one of the better-looking lace-ups I’ve seen lately. Laces allow for a little more fine-tuning in the fit department, and for an all-day XC romp that’s always welcome. The upper is synthetic and the sole is a nylon composite that is made to be stiff when pedaling yet still retain some walkability. The shoes measure a 6 on Bontrager’s stiffness scale, which goes up to 14.

The toe and heel have Bontrager’s “GnarGuard” rubberized coating to protect feet from flying rocks and the tread is a Tachyon rubber that should have some grip even on rough terrain and slippery surfaces, according to Bontrager.

Comfort for an all day excursion, the shoes have superb style and the laces help with comfort for an all day excursion in the wood.

– PinkBike dot com

These things are seriously comfortable, proven to handle all types of terrain.
– BikePacking dot Com

Where To Buy Bontrager GR2

Currently, gravel bontrager GR2 shoes can only be obtained from the official website, we tried to check amazon dot com, it was not available, or if you are interested or looking for gravel shoes with other brands, please visit the link below.

In addition to bontrager gr2 gravel shoes, there is also a bontrager gr2 gravel bicycle tire, namely Bontrager GR2 Team Issue Gravel Tire. For more details on this product, please click the link below.

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